'Guru Kuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate' tasting review like 'Drinking Apollo' with rich Belgian chocolate soft & sweet and sour strawberry milk

In 2021, the dessert 'Gurukuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate ', which uses Belgian chocolate and is a combination of sweet and sour flesh-filled strawberry milk and chocolate-flavored pie, is combined with the unrivaled popularity of mini-stop

Belgian chocolate soft. It has appeared since October 8th (Friday). I actually tried the new taste of the new sensation soft serve ice cream that was mixed and delicious.

Once you eat it, you will be addicted to it. 'Yamitsu Kitchen' A new sense of 'drinkable dessert' 'Gurukuru' 5th! New release on 10/8 (Friday)!
(PDF file) https://www.ministop.co.jp/corporate/release/assets/pdf/20211007_09%20.pdf

Arrived at Ministop.

This is the 'Gurukuru Drinking Strawberry Chocolate' I ordered right away.

It is about this size compared to the iPhone 13 mini with a total length of 131.5 mm.

When I took off the lid and looked at it, I found Belgian chocolate soft and a cube-shaped chocolate pie floating in the pink liquid.

If you look at the side of the cup, you can see that the choco pie is also sunk inside.

It comes with a thick straw, so when I drank only strawberry milk, it was quite sour, and it felt more like 'strawberry yogurt' or 'strawberry juice smoothie' than the mellow and sweet strawberry milk. Belgian chocolate soft has a sticky texture and a rich and authentic finish with the bittersweetness of cacao in the sweetness.

'It is recommended that you first enjoy the appearance and mix it about 30 times before drinking,' so mix it round and round ...

When I drank it, the rich Belgian chocolate soft became mellow and looked like milk cocoa. The sour strawberry milk does not disappear completely even when mixed with rich chocolate, and the faint sourness of the strawberry can be felt, so I enjoyed the atmosphere of

'drinking Apollo'. It was also good that the choco pie did not absorb water over time and maintained a crispy texture until the end.

In addition, each strawberry chocolate that you drink is 293 kcal, and the price is 368 yen excluding tax.

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