I have eaten 'Ripe White Peach Parfait' with a ministop, where the sweetness of white peach that melts with a crispy texture spreads throughout my mouth

After harvesting, the ' Ripe White Peach Parfait', which is a combination of ripened and fully ripe white peach and vanilla soft serve ice cream, has been offered at Ministop since February 26, 2021. It is a simple fruit parfait that combines the pulp of white peach with sauce and soft serve, and it is said that 'Plenty of white peach parfait' that doubled the amount of white peach has also appeared, so I actually tried it ..

Hoobaru luxury. The sweetness of soft, juicy, ripe white peaches. 'Ripe white peach parfait' will be released on 2/26 (Fri.)! -'Plenty of white peach parfait' with double the white peach pulp will be released at the same time-
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I came to Ministop.

In the menu table inside the store, 'ripe white peach parfait' and 'plenty of white peach parfait' were appealing.

About 5 minutes after ordering, a ripe white peach parfait (348 yen without tax) and a generous amount of white peach parfait (518 yen without tax) arrived.

I compared the size with the iPhone 12 mini with a long side of 131.5 mm. Both have the same composition of white peach, sauce, and vanilla-flavored soft serve ice cream, but when viewed from the side, the plenty of white peach parfait that 'doubled the white peach pulp' clearly has a large amount of white peach.

When I try to eat it, the flesh of the slightly frozen white peach has a crispy texture, and I can feel the thick sweetness. The sauce from the top is also a peach sauce, which further expands the flavor of the peach, and it is not defeated by the rich sweetness of vanilla soft serve ice cream, but you can still enjoy the sweetness of ripe white peach. I will. Also, since the plenty of white peach parfait has more white peaches, white peaches are the main dish rather than soft serve ice cream, and it is a dessert that is irresistible for peach lovers, as if you were eating the white peaches themselves rather than the parfait.

'Ripe white peach parfait' and 'Plenty of white peach parfait' can be ordered from February 26, 2021 (Friday) at Ministop stores nationwide.

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