Xbox Cloud Gaming improves performance with device updates, improves loading and frame rate

It turned out that the update of the back-end device, which has been underway since the summer of 2021, has been completed on Microsoft's cloud gaming service 'Xbox Cloud Gaming'. As a result, the service will be supported by

Xbox Series X , which will improve game loading time and frame rate.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is now fully powered by faster Xbox Series X hardware --The Verge

According to the news site The Verge, Microsoft has completed the hardware update of 'Xbox Cloud Gaming' and has moved to full-scale operation on Xbox Series X. This update improves frame rates and load times when streaming Xbox games on the web.

However, although 4K resolution can be output with Xbox Series X, Xbox Cloud Gaming has not reached 4K distribution, and further improvement is expected.

Microsoft announced in August 2021 that it plans to make Xbox Cloud Gaming available on the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One as well. 'Microsoft Flight Simulator ' and ' The Medium ' released for Xbox Series X / S and Windows 10 are also planned to be distributed, so even Xbox One users who do not have Xbox Series X / S in the future , You will be able to play games for X / S.

Cloud Gaming Comes to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One Consoles --Xbox Wire

By the way, the Xbox Series X / S continues to be difficult to obtain like the PlayStation 5, and Phil Spencer, the representative of the Xbox division, has revealed that 'the supply shortage will continue until 2022.'

The supply shortage of PS5 and Xbox Series X will continue until 2022 --GIGAZINE

Xbox Cloud Gaming is also in beta in Japan.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on

Play over 100 console games on your Windows PC, iPhone, and Android with Xbox Cloud Gaming-YouTube

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