Apple has announced that the iOS version of 'Fortnite' will not be available until the end of the trial, the process may last for 5 years

by Michael Li

On September 22, 2021, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, which develops the game 'Fortnite,' said, 'We received a notice from Apple that'Fortnite will be blacklisted until all trials are over.'' I reported. Apple and Epic Games have been in a legal battle for over a year over payment methods for Fortnite for iOS.

Apple lied, breaks its promise to allow Fortnite back on iOS under its rules --Epic Games

In August 2020, Epic Games introduced its own payment method, 'EPIC Direct Payment, ' for Fortnite for iOS. This payment method usually avoids the collection of fees charged by Apple for all iOS apps and returns the amount to the user.

However, since Apple has a policy of not allowing in-app payments that do not go through the App Store, Fortnite has been removed from the App Store as the introduction of EPIC Direct Payment is a violation of the terms. In response, Epic Games has sued Apple for 'fair competition.'

'Fortnite' developer Epic Games sues Apple-GIGAZINE

Court battle for more than a year had been waged, but the September 10, 2021, finally the first instance judgment was down . Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ordered Apple to give app developers the right to introduce payment methods that don't go through the App Store. On the other hand, for Epic Games, 30% (3.5 million dollars, about $ 3.5 million) of the sales that Epic Games was supposed to pay to Apple, saying that 'Epic Games has a fault in implementing a payment method that violates the rules' I ordered Apple to pay 380 million yen) as compensation for damages. Epic Games is this as a complaint has been appealed .

Apple has told Epic Games this time that 'Epic Games has committed a deliberate breach of contract and a loss of Apple's credibility. Considering court decisions and Epic Games' actions, Epic Games I exercised my discretionary power not to revive my developer account. ' It is also stated that this measure will continue until the end of the trial, and Mr. Sweeney said, 'It may take five years for the trial to end.'

'Apple welcomes the return of Epic Games if they agree to play with the same rules as other companies,' Sweeney told courts and media outlets around the world. I agree, 'but nevertheless accuses Apple of making such a notice,' Apple lied. '

'Apple's actions can be read as pressure not to appeal to Epic Games,' Sweeney said. 'Apple is now again abusing its power to monopolize more than a billion users.' I am showing an attitude of fighting against.

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