Is the purpose of promoting the iPhone 13 mini, where the 256GB model disappears quietly from the 2nd generation iPhone SE?

Apple delivered a new product announcement event online on September 15, 2021 Japan time, and announced the new iPhones 'iPhone 13' and 'iPhone 13 mini' in 2021. Meanwhile, the 256GB model of the 2nd generation iPhone SE released by Apple in 2020 has been quietly discontinued, and it is speculated that 'the purpose is to promote sales of the iPhone 13 mini.'

Apple Quietly Removes 256GB iPhone SE Model From Online Store --MacRumors

Apple sunsets the 256GB iPhone SE | Ars Technica

You can see what the iPhone 13/13 mini presentation was like at the event on September 15th by reading the following article. The iPhone 13 mini is the cheapest new iPhone to be released, but it has an 'A15 Bionic' processor and two main cameras are the same as the iPhone 13.

'IPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini' announced, A15 Bionic has 6 core CPU & 4 core GPU --GIGAZINE

The selling price of the iPhone 13 mini in Japan is 86,800 yen including tax for the 128GB model, 98,800 yen including tax for the 256GB model, and 122,800 yen including tax for the 512GB model.

The iPhone mini series has appeared in the 'iPhone 12 mini' released in 2020. The 2nd generation iPhone SE is larger than the original iPhone SE (height 138.4mm x width 67.3mm x thickness 7.3mm, weight 148g) and has almost the same shape as the iPhone 8, making it easier to handle with one hand. The size of the iPhone 12 mini (height 131.5 mm x width 64.2 mm x thickness 7.4 mm, weight 133 g) could be an attractive option for those who want it.

However, it is reported that 'iPhone 12 mini sales were about 5 to 6% of the total iPhone', and it is even pointed out that it is doubtful whether Apple will continue to make small smartphones in the future. Economic analysts also predicted the possibility of stopping production of the iPhone 12 mini.

The iPhone 12 mini is selling the worst in the series, 'It is doubtful whether Apple will continue to make small smartphones,' expert-GIGAZINE

Apple's newly announced iPhone 13 mini measures 131.5 mm in height × 64.2 mm in width × 7.65 mm in thickness and weighs 140 g, which is the size of the iPhone 12 mini except for the increased thickness and weight. I'm following.

Meanwhile, it is reported that 'Apple has quietly discontinued the sale of the 256GB model of the 2nd generation iPhone SE.' When I actually checked the Apple Store online, I can see that only the '64GB' and '128GB' models are displayed on the sales page of the 2nd generation iPhone SE, and the 256GB model is no longer sold.

It is speculated that the reason why Apple discontinued the 256GB model of the iPhone SE is that the failure of the iPhone 12 mini has prevented the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone SE from competing with each other. Since the price of the iPhone 13 mini is higher than the iPhone SE, it is said that purchasing the iPhone 13 mini by users who could flow to the iPhone SE may benefit Apple's profits.

On the other hand, Apple is expected to continue to release the iPhone SE series in the future, and it is reported that a source said, 'The 3rd generation iPhone SE with 5G will appear in the first half of 2022.'

Apple to go all in on 5G for its 2022 iPhone lineup --Nikkei Asia

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