Mastercard Acquires Cipher Trace for Cryptocurrency Analysis


Håkan Dahlström

Mastercard , the credit card brand of the same name , has announced that it has acquired CipherTrace, a leading crypto analysis company that analyzes a large number of crypto assets.

Mastercard Acquires CipherTrace to Enhance Crypto Capabilities

CipherTrace is a crypto asset-focused company specializing in analysis of money laundering prevention and blockchain threats.

Mastercard recognizes that crypto assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) need to be more reliable and secure in light of the increasing popularity of people's payment and investment methods. It is said that there is. Mastercard said it led to the acquisition of CipherTrace to add transparency and support to the existing crypto ecosystem.


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With this agreement, Mastercard will be able to combine its technology with CipherTrace's technology to differentiate its real-time payment infrastructure and benefit customers around the world. CipherTrace will also continue to provide blockchain-related programs to various crypto asset platforms and government agencies.

Mastercard is 'CipherTrace's innovative platform that can provide customers with a means to enhance crypto asset-related security and fraud monitoring activities. It also has the world's largest banks and exchanges with industry-leading data analysis and algorithms. We will deploy solutions to and help our customers to seize various opportunities. '

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'CipherTrace and Mastercard share a vision of providing reliability and security throughout the ecosystem. We are pleased to join Mastercard's team and expand CipherTrace around the world,' said David Yevans, CEO of CipherTrace. Said.

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