PayPal Announces Bitcoin Support


PayPalIs the virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)We announced that we will begin limiting the correspondence to settlement with.

PayPal and Virtual Currency -

PayPal announced that a company that sells digital goods such as games, music, ringtones, etc. in North America will add a settlement instrument so that it can receive payment with bit coin as compensation for services.

This does not mean that PayPal adds bit coins to the settlement currency, it only mediates settlement to the end, and the bit coin transaction itself isBitPay·Coinbase·GoCoinIt is said that it is in charge. Therefore, companies that want to accept payment with bit coins will need to create account accounts for these services. However, it will no longer be necessary for users who purchase products and companies that sell products to convert bit coins into real currency every time, so it will become possible to use bit coins directly for payment via PayPal.


First of all, PayPal said that we began handling bit coins in the limited area of ​​North America, "PayPal always accepts innovative technology, but on condition that it is a safe and reliable method for customers, This attitude is also the same for bit coins, which is why we are progressively dealing with bit coins. "

PayPal with the mission of allowing people around the world to settle accounts safely and comfortably takes the natural currency into the option of settlement, which is the natural flow, the only bit in the virtual currency that is being used on a huge scale Bitcoin That is why it was first adopted. Incidentally,PayPal's CEO David Marcus has declared its response to the virtual currencyTherefore, it is expected that the adoption range of the virtual currency will further expand in the future.

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