It has been decided that anyone will be able to browse academic journals published by the American Astronomical Society for free.

We announced that the peer-reviewed astronomy journal published by the

American Astronomical Society will be open access from January 1, 2022. This will make astronomy treatises available to anyone in the world for free.

AAS Journals Will Switch to Open Access | American Astronomical Society

The American Astronomical Society is an academic society headquartered in Washington, DC, established in 1899, and has been actively working on open access of journals, such as publishing the open access astronomy journal 'The Planetary Science Journal' from 2021. is.

Such American Astronomical Society is, 'from January 1, 2022

Astronomy Cal journal ', ' The Astrophysical Journal ', ' The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series ,' ' The Astrophysical Journal Letters to open access to four types of publications.' I announced that.

From the American Astronomical Society is in a statement, '2022 January, the journal issued by the American Astronomical Society, the Europe of the

plan S is expected to comply with the open access policy and the UK research and technology innovation mechanism. In addition, NASA and the United States National American research funding agencies, such as the Science Foundation, have expressed support, including subsidizing costs associated with open access. '

What is 'Plan S', a concept to make all scientific research available for free on the publication date? --GIGAZINE

The American Astronomical Society also states, 'The American Astronomical Society's peer-reviewed journal collects and publishes more than 4000 articles, including some of the most read and cited research results in the astronomy world. The move to will give everyone access to high-quality, reliable research, 'he said, highlighting that everyone will be able to read the American Astronomical Society's peer-reviewed journals for free.

Regarding the open access of research papers, the editors of

leading publisher Elsevier have launched a new open access journal , Massachusetts Institute of Technology has terminated the contract with Elsevier, and the University of California has all papers. Many research institutes and publishers are actively aiming for open access.

University of California Reconciles with Major Publisher Elsevier to Open Access All Treatises-GIGAZINE

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