Kentucky with soft-boiled egg and cheese for a limited time 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese Chicken Fillet Sandwich' 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese Japanese Chicken Katsu Sandwich' Tasting Review

Kentucky's classic autumn season, ' Toro-ri Tsukimi Chicken Fillet Sandwich ' with chicken fillet and fried egg-style omelet, and 'Toro-ri Tsuki ' with chicken cutlet and fried egg-style omelet soaked in soy sauce-flavored teriyaki sauce. in Japanese-style chicken cutlet sand 'look, a new' moon cheese chicken fillet sand Toro Ri ~ that was flavorful finish across the Cheddar cheese 'and' Toro Ri ~ moon cheese Japanese-style chicken cutlet sand 'is 2021 September 1, Has appeared from. I actually tried to see how it changes when cheese is added to the two sandwiches called 'Eggs are melty'.

Tsukimi fans! How about Kenta's 'Torori Tsukimi Sandwich', which is irresistible? Released on September 1st (Wednesday) -A new flavorful cheddar cheese is also available! ~ | KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.

Toro-ri Tsukimi Sandwich | Kentucky Fried Chicken

Arrived in Kentucky.

I bought it at takeout this time.

The left is the simmering Tsukimi cheese chicken fillet sandwich, and the right is the simmering Tsukimi cheese Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich. Both are the same wrapping paper with the words 'Torori Tsukimi Sandwich', but they have stickers called 'Cheese Fillet' and 'Cheese Cutlet' respectively.


The diameter of the sandwich is about 10 cm ...

The height is about 6 cm.

First of all, from the Toro-ri Tsukimi cheese chicken fillet sand.

When you remove the buns, you can see the structure of mayonnaise, lettuce, fried egg-style omelet, cheddar cheese, and chicken fillet.

So, I will actually eat it.

The chicken fillet has thick breasts wrapped in that spicy Kentucky garment, and the junk taste is nicely neutralized with the mellowness of mayonnaise and soft-boiled eggs. Cheddar cheese is not a taste that is strongly insisted on in a supporting role-like standing position, but it is rich as a whole, or adds depth to the taste.

I will also try the Toro-ri Tsukimi cheese Japanese-style chicken katsu sandwich.

When I removed the buns, this one was a chicken cutlet with mayonnaise, shredded cabbage, cheddar cheese, and teriyaki sauce.

Toro-ri Tsukimi Cheese Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich is not an original chicken batter, but a so-called 'cutlet' batter made from bread crumbs with plenty of sweet teriyaki sauce. Mayonnaise and cabbage have a coleslaw-like atmosphere, adding acidity and mellowness to the teriyaki sauce. The taste was quite 'Japanese' and the sauce was so strong that I couldn't really feel the presence of cheese.

From the same day, 'Torori Tsukimi Chicken Fillet Sandwich' and 'Torori Tsukimi Japanese Chicken Katsu Sandwich' that do not use cheese have also appeared, so I bought them for comparison. These two are autumn

staples and are reviewed by GIGAZINE in 2018 .

When I compared them, I found that 'Torori Tsukimi Chicken Fillet Sandwich' had no cheese, so it was more directly called 'Meat!' And 'Clothes !!' than 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese Chicken Fillet Sandwich'. I felt the taste.

On the other hand, the Toro-ri Tsukimi Japanese-style chicken katsu sandwich has a strong sauce, so there is no difference with cheese. If you like cheese and want to add the richness of cheese to all foods, you may want to order with cheese.

Toro-ri Tsukimi cheese chicken fillet sandwich and Toro-ri Tsukimi cheese Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich are 490 yen including tax, and Toro-ri Tsukimi chicken fillet sandwich and Toro-ri Tsukimi Japanese-style chicken cutlet sandwich are 460 yen including tax.

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