Apple points out that 'settlement in class action proceedings with app developers' is also virtually no damage

On August 26, 2021 local time, Apple settled a class action proceedings by US-based app developers and released seven proposals that would give smaller app developers a better advantage. The settlement in the proceedings should mean that Apple has made some concessions, but media outlets have said that it is a 'substantial victory for Apple' and a 'fake settlement.'

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Apple has agreed to a settlement proposed by app developers on issues surrounding how the App Store operates, and is small, such as 'allowing developers to notify users of payment method information outside the app.' Announced that it will introduce changes to the App Store that will give app developers a better advantage. The promises Apple has announced in response to the settlement can be found below.

Apple makes major specification changes to the App Store, such as 'Developers can contact users by email outside the app' --GIGAZINE

In this settlement, the plaintiffs drew a concession from Apple, but the New York Times and others in the American letter reported that it was 'substantially Apple's victory.'

This is reported because there is a problem with the 'Apple tax'. Apple is continuing its policy of 'not allowing payment methods that do not go through the App Store' in its App Store. Due to this measure, apps distributed on the App Store have long had to pay 30% of their sales to Apple, and this 30% ratio has been called 'Apple tax'.

Criticism is concentrated on Apple that 'the margin of 30% in the App Store is an exorbitant rip-off' and 'narrows the user's choice' --GIGAZINE

by Glen Bledsoe

The settlement is reported to be Apple's victory because Apple's promise of 'allowing developers to give users information about payment methods outside the app' effectively boosts Apple taxes. Because it is believed to be.

Prior to this settlement, it was forbidden for app developers to e-mail users about payment methods that do not go through the App Store, but if the changes announced this time are implemented, the App Store will be e-mailed. You can now explicitly notify your payment method without going through. However, because I accepted this change, 'Since it is now possible to notify payment methods that do not go through the App Store, even if you prohibit payment methods that do not go through the App Store for apps distributed on the App Store. It is not a violation of the Antimonopoly Act. '

The New York Times is 'Apple has paid a small price to get rid of the potentially large legal problem,' said the consortium seeking a fair deal in relation to Apple and Google's app store Coalitionfor App Fairness is 'Apple's The fake settlement proposal is just a desperate attempt to circumvent the decisions of courts, regulators, and legislators around the world. '' Apple helps developers tell customers about low-priced offers outside the app. It's not a concession, it's admitting that it further accentuates Apple's full control over the app market. ' The settlement said that antitrust lawsuits over the App Store will be even more difficult.

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