Is the rumor that 'If you set the country or region to' France 'on your old iPhone, it will work faster' is true?

'Old iPhone of national and regional settings was changed to' France ', iPhone of operation it is faster' and we call the topic with Internet users to call. While there were responses such as 'the operation became faster on my iPhone' and 'it was effective on the iPad', Chinese technology media and technicians verified whether the rumor was true.

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Old iPhones become faster if you change the region to France-

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On August 23, 2021, the editor of Pleasure Science and Technology, Mr. Secho, saw a post on SNS saying, 'IPhone operation became faster when the iPhone region was set to France.' Regarding this post, it is pointed out on the Internet that 'It may be related to the problem that Apple used to intentionally reduce the performance of old iPhones.'

In 2017, evidence emerged that 'Apple is deliberately degrading the performance of older iPhones .' As soon as Apple admitted that it had reduced the peak performance of the iPhone to prevent an unexpected shutdown on a battery-depleted iPhone, it quickly developed into a class action proceeding.

Apple already faces a class action proceeding, admitting that it intentionally reduced the performance of the old iPhone-GIGAZINE

After that, Apple was forced to take measures such as discounting the battery replacement cost and refunding to some users who replaced the battery before that, and the class action finally 'owned the applicable iPhone 6 series or iPhone 7 series. We will pay each user a $ 25 settlement (about 2700 yen) . '

In addition, France's Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Prevention submitted a survey to the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office that Apple did not disclose the facts to consumers, which is 'a misleading commercial practice.' In response, France has ordered Apple to pay a total fine of 25 million euros (about 3 billion yen), and Apple is also accepting the fine.

Apple ends up paying a fine of 3 billion yen to France for 'declining the peak performance of the iPhone' --GIGAZINE

On the Internet, 'Apple cannot perform intentional performance degradation due to battery deterioration in France due to a series of events, so if you change the region of the old iPhone used in China etc. to France, it may work faster. Isn't it? ' So, Mr. Secho used multiple iPhones and verified whether changing the region really speeds up the operation.

First of all, this is the result of testing with the benchmark application AnTuTu Benchmark with the region of 'iPhone 12' set to China.

When tested after changing the region to France, score fluctuations were negligible as errors.

The reason why we could not confirm the speedup of operation by changing the region on iPhone 12 is that the battery status was 100%, so it is possible that the performance deterioration due to battery deterioration did not occur. Next, Mr. Secho measured the benchmark again before and after the region change, using the iPhone 7 whose battery status has deteriorated to 81%.

With the region in China, the score was '286632'.

Measured after changing the region to France, the score is '298321'. It's true that there are differences before and after the region change, but it's not a clear improvement that can be said to be 'faster'. Even when Mr. Secho actually investigated the startup speed of the application, he said that he could not experience a clear improvement by changing the region.

Regarding the reason why many Internet users report that 'changing the region to France made it faster' even though it has not changed so much in reality, Mr. Secho said, 'Many backgrounds with the region change. It seems that the movement has become faster because the ground process has ended. ' In this case, even if you change the region to France and feel the speed improvement, it will return to the original state if the background process running increases as you continue to use it.

Apple Insider, a tech media outlet, points out that the claim that 'changing the iPhone region to France will make things faster' is nonsense, and it is unlikely that Apple will make changes to iOS in France alone. Also, changing the region will affect the App Store, Netflix account, etc. in addition to the default language and weather forecast. Since the rights of media such as movies, books, and music differ from country to country, changing regions may make it impossible to use the media that you have enjoyed so far, or you may need to renew your subscription plan. ..

For users who absolutely want to prevent the deterioration of peak performance due to battery deterioration, Apple Insider recommends that you open 'Peak Performance Performance' from 'Battery' on the setting screen and disable the performance management function. You can find out how to change it by reading the following article.

How to avoid your iPhone getting slowed down before you know it-GIGAZINE

In addition, the deterioration of peak performance due to battery deterioration is a function to prevent unexpected shutdown, so it can be avoided by simply replacing the deteriorated iPhone battery.

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