McDonald's McShake is no longer available in the UK


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At McDonald's in the UK, a menu equivalent to the Japanese McShake is offered as a 'milkshake', but it turned out that the offer of this milkshake has stopped in the UK.

McDonald's has run out of milkshakes in the UK --CNN

McDonald's runs out of milkshakes amid'supply chain issues' | McDonald's | The Guardian

McDonald's in the United Kingdom has long been reported to have a staff shortage related to Brexit, and in addition, a supply chain delay due to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has caused bottled beverages and milk at 1,300 stores in the country. The offer of shakes has stopped.

A McDonald's spokeswoman said on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 'Like many distributors, we are facing supply chain problems and some product offerings have been affected. Bottled beverages and milk shakes are no longer available in England, Scotland and Wales. '' We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are working hard to get it back, 'he said in a statement.

When I checked the McDonald's website in the UK, there was no particular change such as the milkshake disappearing from the menu at the time of writing the article.

McDonald's Cold Drinks, Milkshakes & Juice | McDonald's UK

The page 'Milk shakes & Cold Drinks' has chocolate milkshakes, strawberry milkshakes, banana milkshakes, and vanilla milkshakes.

In the UK, fast food chains other than McDonald's are also suffering from shortages, and the chicken specialty store ' Nando's ' originating in South Africa can no longer offer the flagship product PERI-PERI Chicken, 45 in the UK The store has closed. Kentucky Fried Chicken has also announced that due to supply chain issues, there is a shortage of seasonings and containers in the UK, and some stores are limiting the number of menus. In addition, the shortage of drivers has affected the assortment of supermarkets, and it has been pointed out that if the government does not take measures, the shortage of products may continue for several months.

by Mike Mozart

CNN points out that the COVID-19 pandemic continued to have a labor shortage in supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as the enactment of legislation requiring the isolation of COVID-19's close contacts. .. Partial amendments to the law have exempted vaccinated close contacts from quarantine, but the labor shortage is not easily resolved due to factors other than COVID-19. Deaf CNN suggests.

Data analysis firm IHS Markit reported that production growth in British companies has slowed dramatically since August 2021. Due to labor shortages, the rate of production decline is 14 times higher than usual, the highest since the survey started in January 1998. '

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