Developer explains Skyrim's phenomenon of ``finding a treasure chest when chasing a fox'' and ``the carriage being blown away at the opening''

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In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, an open world RPG masterpiece that has sold 30 million copies worldwide, there is an urban legend that says, ``If you chase a fox, you will find a treasure chest.'' The developer at the time explains this phenomenon:

Joel Burgess, who was part of the development team at the time, explains that the rumor that existed on the internet that ``If you chase a wild fox, you can discover treasure'' is true. It seems that this rumor has been a hot topic since its release, and the development team conducted an informal investigation asking, ``Who added such a specification!?''

Several people, including Mr. Burgess, were questioned, but everyone denied that they had done anything like that. I looked into the script and couldn't find anything, but Jean Simonet , who was part of the development team at the time, identified a specification that seemed to be the cause.

The specification was ' navmesh ', which limits the action range of the AI that Skyrim uses. In Skyrim, an open world RPG, NPCs roam around the city, but there is a system called navigation mesh that determines where on the map the NPCs can and cannot go.

The NPC's AI selects actions such as ``running toward the player'' or ``hiding behind objects'' depending on the situation, and determines the movement route based on the navigation mesh. The fox also determines its movement route based on the navigation mesh, but the only action the fox can take is ``run away if it encounters the player.'' At that time, the number of navigation meshes is used to calculate the escape distance, rather than a simple distance such as meters, such as ``Stop running away when you are separated from the main character by XX navigation meshes.''

So, the reason why the fox that ran away heads for the treasure is that in Skyrim, the distance to the object is calculated by the 'number of navi meshes' rather than meters, and the density of the navi mesh differs depending on the location in the game. The cause is. Navigation meshes are allocated less in spaces such as empty wilderness, where there is no reason to set multiple routes, but on the other hand, in places such as camps, there are many obstacles that block movement. Because of this, there are many navigation mesh allocations.

The fox that encounters the protagonist will start moving to 'escape from the player' and will move to a location with a lot of navigation mesh, such as a camp, to ensure relative distance. And since camps are areas where there is a high probability of treasure being located in the first place, the result is that ``if you chase the fox, you can reach the treasure.''

Related to this topic, Nate Purkeypile, who was a member of the development team at the time, also revealed ``a story about a bee blowing away a carriage.'' The phenomenon of this bee blowing away a carriage occurred in the opening scene, which is familiar to Skyrim players, in which the main character is taken away in a carriage with other death row inmates.

In this scene, we always perform physical calculations to make the carriage carrying the main character run along the road. As a result, on rare occasions, obstacles such as rocks and stones on the road could cause the carriage to become unstable and jump off the road. The most unusual of these phenomena was that ``the horse-drawn carriage suddenly became violent and was launched high into the sky like a rocket.'' The actual video is below.

Hilarious Skyrim Opening Sequence Glitch - YouTube

Mr. Purkeypile was researching this phenomenon and realized that it was caused by giving bees a collision detection. In the early stages of development, there was a bug where bees could not be picked up, so in the process of fixing this bug, bees were given collision detection. In this way, bees are now able to collide with objects, but when this bee slips into the path of the carriage, there are two types of bees: ``the bee that remains motionless even if it is collided with'' and ``the carriage that absolutely wants to move along the route.'' It is said that there was a phenomenon where carriages were blown away due to collisions.

These bugs are now episodes that color Skyrim memories, but on August 20, 2021, a new edition of Skyrim, `` The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition, '' was announced to commemorate the 10th anniversary.

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'Skyrim Anniversary Edition' includes the main game with all the graphic updates announced so far, as well as all DLCs for 'Dawnguard,' 'Hearthfire,' and 'Dragonborn,' as well as creation updates for 'Fishing,' 'Survival Mode,' and 'New Quests.' It is said to contain 3 types of Club content packs, and 500 types of quests, dungeons, bosses, weapons, spells, etc. that are popular among Creation Club. Compatible platforms are PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One, and the release date is November 11, 2021 (overseas time). Users who own the previous definitive version of Skyrim Special Edition will also receive the update on the same day.

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