Kiyoken 'House de Jumbo Shumai mini' tasting review where a large amount of juicy shumai rolls out from a giant shumai

From July 1, 2021, the ' House de Jumbo Shumai mini

', which is made from the old-fashioned dumplings of the Kiyoken main store and filled with 22 dumplings, has been released. Cut the jumbo Shiumai like a cake cut, that's popular in the wedding by directing overflowing and signature Shiumai from jumbo Shiumai 'jumbo Shiumai mini in your out' that is, also began to enjoy at home, 100 per day It is said that it is very popular and the reception is limited to individual pieces. I received such a dish, so I actually tried to sword a giant shumai.

Jumbo Shumai mini at home – Kiyoken

This is 'Home Jumbo Shumai mini'. It arrived by frozen delivery because it needs to be stored at -18 degrees Celsius. You can cook in the microwave, but be aware that the thawing process in the refrigerator takes 8 hours before that.

In the raw material column, the outer 'shumai minced meat' made of pork and onions and the inner 'shumai' were listed separately.

The total calories are 1509 kcal.

Inside, there is a jumbo shumai that is packaged on the attached tray and a bookmark that explains how to eat the shumai. In addition, sauce and mustard are not included.

Jumbo shumai is about 11.5 cm in diameter.

The height is about 10 cm.

The actual weight was 782g.

Thaw in the refrigerator for 8 hours, then warm and eat. We will prepare 'a plate with a diameter of 20 cm or more and compatible with a microwave oven,' 'knife,' 'fork,' and 'scissors.'

First, place the jumbo dumplings in the bag on the plate together with the attached tray, and make a notch in the bag with scissors.

Then heat in the microwave. The standard heating time is 10 minutes for 500W and 8 minutes and 30 seconds for 600W.

After heating, leave it for 3 minutes without opening the bag to steam it.

After steaming, cut the bag with scissors and open it.

Next, I will cut it. First, hold the jumbo dumplings with a fork and make a notch with a depth of about 1 cm with a knife.

Next, if you make a notch on the opposite side of the notch ...

Cut the top surface to connect the notches on both ends.

When I opened the cut, 22 dumplings came out from the inside.

When you eat a bite-sized dumpling, juicy pork gravy spreads in your mouth.

The outer jumbo shumai is made of the same shumai as the inner shumai, and the green peas are also kneaded into it. Knife and fork Hand jumbo When you cut the dough of shumai and eat it, you can experience the unusual taste of 'eating while cutting the shumai like a steak'.

'House de Jumbo Shumai mini' can be ordered from the official website of Kiyoken or some directly managed stores, and the price is 3500 yen including tax. You can also check the directly managed stores that can be picked up at the store on the official website mentioned above.

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