I have eaten `` Old Golden Golden Curry Fried Rice '' with a lot of leading role toppings such as beef ribs, chicken cutlet, curry at Osaka Osho

From Osaka king at September 17, 2019 (Tuesday), '50th anniversary limited menu of 3rd

full integrity of golden fried rice was further upgraded,' 'faultless Calvi Curry fried rice', 'faultless Super Golden Curry fried rice ' has appeared. I actually went to eat to see how the perfect fried golden fried rice, which was full of volume, was powered up.

The popular menu has been upgraded and appears even more golden! 'Completely perfect fried rice of Calvicurry' 'Frequently perfected fried rice of Super Golden Curry' will be on sale for a limited time from September 17 (Tuesday) |

There are some Osaka Osho stores that don't offer “perfect golden fried rice”, so we arrived at a store where we had a look in advance.

Since the “perfect fried rice with ribs” plus chicken cutlet and tartar sauce is called “perfect fried rice with super golden curry,” this time we chose the “fancy fried rice with flawless super golden curry”. In addition, these two products are ordered free of charge because they are free of charge. The dignity of “Freshly Super Golden Curry Fried Rice”, which has been carried about 10 minutes after ordering, is like this.

There is such a difference when iPhone 6s is placed next to it.

Fried rice is curry fried rice like “Golden Fried Rice”.

In addition to chicken cutlet and tartar sauce on top of it, beef ribs and curry sauce are on the other side, and the main ingredients are still used.

There is cabbage pickled on the edge of the plate.

The chicken cutlet on top of the fried rice was seasoned not only with the taste of the tartar sauce but also with the sweet and spicy sauce.

The chicken inside is pre-prepared. In the same chicken cutlet, the taste can be changed between the tartar sauce and the sweet sauce, and you can enjoy it with curry sauce.

Beef ribs are filled with thick curry sauce and you can enjoy the texture of elastic ribs. The flavor of meat spreads in the mouth with the spicy curry, and this is enough as a side dish just like chicken cutlet.

The onion has a crispy texture and is a good accent.

Spicy curry fried rice has a simple taste and matches with chicken cutlet and beef ribs.

After a heavy side dish such as chicken cutlet and beef ribs, we ate the pickled cabbage and the sour taste made me feel refreshed.

“Completely perfect fried rice with ribs” and “Completely perfect fried rice with super golden curry” are 1380 yen including tax. The calories of “ Freshly Super Golden Curry Fried Rice” are 1723kcal for the average (PDF file) and 1894kcal for the large serving . Depending on the store, there may be no handling, so if you are interested, it is recommended to contact the store in advance.

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