New voice added to Google Assistant, selectable from red (female) and orange (male)

On September 18, 2019, Google Assistant added “Male Voice Assistant” to nine languages including Japanese.

New voices for your Google Assistant in nine countries

In addition to Japanese, audio was added in nine languages: German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Korean, English (UK), and English (India). In Japan, a male voice assistant has been added.

Try changing the sound using the “Google Home” app.

“Google Home” on the App Store

Google Home-Apps on Google Play

After the app starts, tap the account icon at the bottom right and tap “Other Settings” in the “Google Assistant” item.

Tap the “Assistant” tab and select “Assistant Voice”.

Swipe the screen or tap the circle to switch between red (female) and orange (male). If you select each, you can listen to the sample voice.

Settings are saved when the screen is switched while the selected audio is displayed.

The added sound is based on ' WaveNet ', which was created by Google's artificial intelligence project ' DeepMind ' and can generate natural sounds like humans. By the way, in the United States, 11 types of voices are available, including the voice of John Legend , who has a history of winning all Emmy, Grammy, Academy and Tony Awards.

A new voice is added to Google Assistant, popular singer John Legend appears-gigazine

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