It turns out that Amazon is developing a 'magic band' in cooperation with Disney, what kind of device is it?

From Amazon's internal documents obtained by Bloomberg, it is said that Amazon is developing a device called 'magic band' in cooperation with Disney, and that it is developing a wearable device for the purpose of tracking the location information of children. It turned out.

Amazon (AMZN) Considered Developing Alexa Wearable Device for Children --Bloomberg

According to a document obtained by Bloomberg, the wearable device that Amazon is developing in collaboration with Disney is codenamed 'Magic Band'. The specific function is unknown, but the technology-related media

Input is using a wristband type device of the same name that can be used for payment and tickets in the park at Disney World in Florida, and Apple cooperated with Disney. Based on the fact that the iOS terminal was equipped with the magic band function, 'Amazon may be developing a device with the same function as the magic band used in Disney World, like Apple. that there will 'is pointed out it is.

According to Bloomberg, the magic band developed by Amazon is scheduled to appear in 2021. Bloomberg also said, 'Disney and Amazon already have relationships in many ways. For example, Disney is using Amazon's cloud service for its streaming service Disney + , and Amazon will be in early 2021. We provided Disney + free of charge to subscribers of music streaming services. '

The document obtained by Bloomberg also described a wearable device codenamed 'Seeker' equipped with GPS and Alexa for children aged 4 to 12 years. Shapes such as wristbands, clips, and key chains are being considered for this wearable device, and the selling price will be 99 dollars (about 11,000 yen). In addition, purchasers are said to be able to use Amazon Kids +, a streaming service for children with a monthly fee of $ 2.99 (480 yen per month in Japan), free of charge for one year.

According to Bloomberg, Seeker was scheduled to appear in 2020. However, as of July 2021, Disney has not announced wearable devices for children.

Bloomberg also cited a case in which Amazon's Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker for children was accused of 'collecting children's information without parental consent and invading privacy.' We have expressed privacy concerns about Amazon's children's products.

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