Camera function review of ASUS gaming smartphone top model 'ROG Phone 5 Ultimate', the main use is to be able to shoot food vividly & deliciously while playing games

The latest and top model of ASUS 'ROG Phone' '

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate ' is a smartphone specialized for gaming, but as long as it is a smartphone, you will want to use it for various purposes such as calling and surfing the Internet. I actually took a lot of pictures about the 'camera function ', which occupies a large weight in the use of such smartphones.

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The 'ROG Phone 5 Ultimate', which appeared on May 26, 2021, is the top model of the ASUS gaming smartphone 'Rog Phone 5 Series'. It is the world's first smartphone for gamers that has 18GB of memory, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform, and a 6.78-inch AMOLED display driven at 144Hz.

ASUS Gaming Smartphone Top Model 'ROG Phone 5 Ultimate' Photo Review --GIGAZINE

This time I will use the out-camera of such ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. There are three types of out-cameras installed in ROG Phone 5 Ultimate: the main camera has a wide angle of 64 million pixels, the 2nd camera has a super wide angle of 13 million pixels, and the 3rd camera has a macro of 5 million pixels. Sony's IMX686 is used for the image sensor.

The images below are taken with ROG Phone 5 Ultimate unless otherwise noted, with no modifications other than trimming and blurring of the margins. Also, all the settings are taken automatically.

Unfortunately, the sky was not enough on the shooting day, but it was under these circumstances that I could feel the high resolution. In any situation, the brightness is corrected as a whole, and even a light rain before the rain starts in earnest is as bright as a sunny day. The following is taken with a 64 megapixel wide-angle lens.

Even in rough weather, it is basically corrected to be bright. It also captures how each raindrop that falls on the asphalt bounces off.

A 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens enables 0.6x zoom. When I think of an ultra-wide-angle lens, I get the impression that it may be distorted, but when I actually use it, I feel almost no distortion, and I can shoot a wide angle of view as it is.

On the other hand, the ROG Phone 5 series does not have a telephoto lens. Therefore, all zooms are digital zooms, and when comparing 1x and 8x, it looks like this. If it is 8 times, you may be worried about the roughness of the image quality.

A cat shot at 5x. The shooting time is past 18:00.

What impressed me when I used it was shooting at a restaurant. In fashionable cafes and ramen shops, warm-colored light sources are installed like this, and food photos tend to be orange.

However, when I shoot with ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, it looks like this, and the hue is vividly displayed even under a warm light source. The image below was taken with a Pixel 4a while trying to shoot food with ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. I haven't added any color correction, but it looks like this with the naked eye.

Here is the image taken with ROG Phone 5 Ultimate.

In addition, the ROG Phone 5 series is equipped with a 5-megapixel macro lens with a focal length of 4 to 6 cm, allowing you to take close-up shots of food in a delicious way.

Combined with the color correction that handles the warm colors mentioned above well, the impression is that it is quite suitable for shooting at restaurants.

Of course, you can also take pictures of plants in very vivid colors.

On the other hand, in the night mode, the color is slightly greener.

The lamps below are white to the naked eye, but with the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate they have a hue similar to fluorescent green.

On the other hand, camera shake is noticeable in movies. This has a problem with the power of image stabilization, but it seems that it is also due to the fact that the main body itself is heavy and large, so it will inevitably shake if you hold it in your hand.

When shooting while walking with ASUS gaming smartphone 'ROG Phone 5 Ultimate', it looks like this --YouTube

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