'Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)' has appeared, a new model that has evolved into a larger and more beautiful display

Nintendo has announced a new model of Nintendo Switch equipped with an organic EL display, ' Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) '. The new model is almost the same size as the conventional model, but the bezel part is narrower, so the display size has increased to 7 inches, and the stand on the back part can be freely changed in angle, making it an easier-to-use game It is evolving into an opportunity.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. News Release: July 6, 2021 --'Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)' equipped with an organic EL display Released on October 8, 2021 for 37,980 yen (tax included) | Nintendo


Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) | Nintendo

Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) first public video --YouTube

A new model 'Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)' has been added to Nintendo Switch. It will not replace the conventional model, but will be a new model that will be sold together with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 37,980 yen including tax, and the release date is October 8, 2021.

There are two main body colors, the new color 'white' and the 'neon blue / neon red' that was also found in the conventional model.

The feature is a 7-inch organic EL display, and since the Nintendo Switch was equipped with a liquid crystal display, it is possible to output images with higher contrast. At the time of writing the article, there is no information on the display resolution on the product page.

Although the main body size is almost the same as the Nintendo Switch, the display size has evolved from 6.2 inches to 7.0 inches because the bezel part is slim.

The stand on the back of the Nintendo Switch was pretty thin and could easily tip over ...

The stand on the back of the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) has evolved into a wider and more stable one.

In addition, the stand uses a free-stop type that allows you to fix the angle to your liking, so you can fix it at an angle that is easy to see.

In addition, a new wired LAN terminal has been added to the included dock required to play games in TV mode. Until now, it was necessary to prepare a

dedicated wired LAN adapter to connect a wired LAN cable. In addition, 'Put the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) on the dock that came with the Nintendo Switch and use it' and 'Put the Nintendo Switch on the dock that came with the Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) and use it' Is possible.

The speakers have also been renewed so that you can enjoy clearer sound than ever before.

In addition, the capacity of the main unit storage has been increased from 32GB of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite to 64GB. However, the capacity that can store data is the capacity excluding the system area. Since there is no change in Joy-Con, the conventional one can be used as it is.

The 'Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)' is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2021 (Friday), and the suggested retail price is 37,800 yen including tax.

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Overseas media The Verge confirmed with Nintendo that there is no change in CPU and memory (RAM).

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