I bought 'Wrap Sandwich Cobb Salad' with crispy chicken and crispy vegetables wrapped in tortillas at Dom Dom hamburger and tried it.

'Wrap Sand Cobb Salad ' will be available for a limited time on the menu of Dom Dom Hamburger, Japan's first hamburger chain, from June 25, 2021 (Friday). I was curious about the taste of the wrap sandwich, which was made by wrapping crispy chicken, avocado, bacon, and plenty of vegetables in a thick

, lightly baked tortilla and finished with Cobb salad sauce, so I actually bought it at Dom Dom hamburger and tried it. It was.

New product ★ Wrap Sand Cobb Salad will be on sale from June 25th! | Dom Dom Hamburger [Official Site]

Arrived at Dom Dom Hamburger.

There was a signboard at the store that appealed for the appearance of 'Wrap Sandwich Cobb Salad'.

That's why I bought 'Wrap Sandwich Cobb Salad' and came back.

When you open the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

The size of the wrap sandwich is about 16 cm actually measured.

When I opened the tortilla dough, I found vegetables such as chicken, avocado, bacon, cabbage, lettuce, and onions.

When you try it, the creamy taste of Cobb salad sauce, the deliciousness of the meat, and the richness of the avocado come together and rush into your mouth. Cobb salad sauce is a mayonnaise-based seasoning with a slight Mexican-style spiciness that goes well with vegetables. The tortilla skin is chewy, the chicken batter is crispy, and the vegetables are crispy, so it was a wrap sandwich that you can enjoy both the taste and texture.

'Wrap Sand Cobb Salad' can be ordered from June 25, 2021 (Friday) at Dom Dom Hamburgers nationwide, and the price is 490 yen including tax for both eat-in and take-out. However, it is not available at 'Hatsuoi store', 'Ichihara elephant country store', 'AEON MALL Shinrifu North Building store', and 'Tsunoe FC store'.

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