Google announces step up partnership with Indian telecommunications giant Jio Platforms

Google has announced that it will take a new step in its partnership with Indian telecommunications giant Jio Platforms to 'provide affordable smartphones with optimized versions of Android' and '5G collaboration.'

A new Android smartphone and 5G partnership with Jio

Official Google India Blog: Partnering with Jio to help bring the promise of internet connectivity and affordability to everyone

Reliance Industries , the parent company of Jio Platforms and one of India's largest conglomerates, held its annual meeting. In it, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that the partnership between Google and Jio Platforms will take it to the next step.

Looking back on the year of the new coronavirus pandemic, Pichai said, 'Our mission to organize information around the world and make it accessible and usable by people around the world has a new purpose and urgency. It was the year that brought it. With so many aspects of life and work moving online, it's important to make technology accessible to everyone. '

'Making technology accessible to everyone' is also at the heart of the partnership between Google and Jio Platforms, Pichai said. Based on this goal, Google started a partnership with Jio Platforms in 2020 and has invested as much as 4.5 billion dollars (about 500 billion yen).

Google invested about 480 billion yen in Indian telecommunications company Jio Platforms, what is the purpose? --GIGAZINE

The goal of the Google-Jio Platforms partnership is to 'enable Indian people to access information in their native language at an affordable price, build new products and services to meet India's unique needs, and bring technology to the business. That is.

To accelerate this partnership, Google announced that it will offer affordable smartphones for Jio Platforms. Google describes the smartphones offered by Jio Platforms as 'optimizing Android, providing language and translation capabilities, a great camera, and support for the latest Android updates.' In this regard, Pichai said, 'It will show new possibilities to millions of users who are new to the Internet with terminals built for India. We can't wait to showcase these terminals in the second half of 2021. I don't. '

In addition, Pichai also revealed that a new 5G-related partnership between Google Cloud and Jio Platforms is underway. The 5G partnership will help more than a billion Indians have access to faster internet communications and build new services in areas such as health and education, next to India's digitization. It seems that the purpose is to lay the foundation for the stage.

As part of this collaboration, the infrastructure of Jio Platforms' retail business will be migrated to Google Cloud. As a result, Google's AI, machine learning, e-commerce, demand forecasting services, etc. will be available, and it will be possible to scale up the business as needed.

Regarding the new partnership between Google and Jio Platforms, Google India and ...

It is also reported on Pichai's Twitter account.

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