Microsoft's 'Windows 11' announcement event summary

Microsoft will hold an event to announce 'next generation Windows' that includes not only UI, startup sound and wallpaper but also core function improvement, June 24, 2021 11:00 (Japan time June 25, 2021) It was carried out from 0 o'clock).

Microsoft Windows Event --Watch the June 24 LIVE stream

The following articles summarize the contents such as the forecast of the contents announced by each media.

Forecast summary of the contents to be announced at the 'next Windows event' to be held soon --GIGAZINE

The event started at 0:00 on June 25th (24:00 on the 24th). Note that the streaming on is very heavy and tends to be interrupted, so Twitter is more stable.

・ June 25, 2021 00:30
Microsoft announces 'Windows 11' with new features and new UI --GIGAZINE

・ June 25, 2021 02:05
I tried using a check app that can check if 'Windows 11' can be installed on a PC --GIGAZINE

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