Facebook develops 'AI that replaces words in photos without discomfort'

A Facebook AI research team has developed an AI called 'TextStyleBrush ' that allows you to change the typeface of existing sentences and replace words in photos without any discomfort.

TextStyleBrush: Transfer of text aesthetics from a single example

AI can now emulate text style in images in one shot — using just a single word

AI Can Now Copy Text Style in Images Using Just a Single Word --About Facebook

With the newly developed TextStyleBrush, it is possible to recognize 'handwriting and typeface' from the words reflected in the photo and apply it to existing sentences. In the demo movie below, you can see how TextStyleBrush is actually used to change the typeface of the text.

First, enter the text you want to change the typeface at the top of the screen.

And when I read a photo with handwritten words ...

Like this, the same typeface and background as the photo read was applied to the text at the top of the screen.

A typeface that has collapsed considerably ...

Typefaces with different colors are also applicable.

In addition, TextStyleBrush can imitate arc-shaped typefaces, outline characters, and typefaces that are close to cursive.

In addition, TextStyleBrush not only applies the typeface to pre-filled sentences, but also 'replaces' the words in the pictures taken while preserving the typeface.

For example, if you load a photo containing the words 'Soya' and 'Bottle' into TextStyleBrush ...

It recognizes the words 'Soya' and 'Bottle' and their typeface at the same time. After that, enter the word you want to replace (this time 'Tea' 'Vessel') ...

It is possible to replace words like this without any discomfort.

Facebook says, 'TextStyle Brush is an AI under study. But in the future, we can translate the text in images into different languages and use AR to facilitate the verbalization of road signs. It can be used for various purposes. '

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