Pointed out that 'unreadable iMessage data' is occupying the storage of iPhone and iCloud

The messaging app 'iMessage ' provided by Apple is an app that allows not only iPhone users but also Mac users and iPad users to exchange messages using their Apple ID. It has been pointed out that the 'large amount of data that cannot be actually read' generated by iMessage is squeezing the storage of iPhone and iCloud.

Your iPhone (and iCloud backups) are full of gigabytes-worth of old iMessages that are virtually impossible to read – Key Discussions

The storage capacity of iPhone is limited to 64 to 512GB, and if you want to store more data, you need to use the cloud service 'iCloud'. Everyone can use 5GB of storage for free, but iCloud doesn't store data indefinitely because you have to pay extra to use more.

By purchasing an iPhone with a large storage capacity or using iCloud for a fee, iPhone users will be able to store various data such as photos, movies, and large amounts of messages. However, it's been pointed out that old iMessage messages are still unreadable.

In the first place, the only way to access old messages with iMessage is to 'scroll the conversation upwards'. This method is very time consuming and 'doesn't really work,' says Spencer Daily, who runs Key Discussions on the tech blog.

Daily tried to go back to the past messages using the Mac version of iMessage, but when he tried to check the message 6 months ago even though he was using a Mac with 16GB of memory (RAM). It seems that the app has frozen. Daily's wife tried to use the iPhone 8 Plus to check past iMessage messages, but after scrolling for more than 45 minutes, the app crashed. In addition, it seems that Daily's wife was able to go back to the message within a year.

'Even if the'scroll to the top of the conversation'method works, it's unacceptable that it's the only way to access the initial conversation,' said Daily. I'm complaining about the limited access to past messages above.

Obviously iMessage also has a search feature, but existing search features aren't suitable for searching past messages, saying, 'It's unreliable and useful for searching messages over two years ago. No, 'Daily points out. In addition, 'iMessage searches miss a wide range of contexts, and old messages simply don't appear in search results,' says Daily.

The way iMessage searches past messages hasn't changed for more than a decade, so Daily said, 'A slide bar has been implemented that gives you intuitive access to monthly messages, like the Google Photos slide bar. Should be '.

Many iPhone users struggle to secure storage, but you can also specify how long you want to keep messages on iMessage from Settings> Messages> Message Retention Period. In addition to this, from 'Settings' → 'General' → 'iPhone Storage', options such as 'Delete those with large attachments' and 'Delete old messages' among the messages exchanged on iMessage Also exists.

It seems that it was proposed that it is possible to secure a capacity of 11.54 GB on Daily's iPhone by 'automatically deleting messages more than a year ago'. However, Daily says, 'Most of the messages over a year ago are inaccessible,' and complains that they are in an uncheckable state even if they are saved.

'I think some people value past messages, such as those who have lost old friends,' said Daily. 'The inaccessibility of past messages is provided by the wealthiest companies in the world.' It's embarrassingly inadequate as a function. '

In addition, Android's default messaging app seems to be as bad as iMessage, there are few apps that really compete with iMessage, and the future of improvement is bleak, Daily pointed out.

On the other hand, popular messaging apps such as 'WhatsApp' other than the messaging app installed by default on the mobile OS make it easy to download and view all messages. iMessage also has a tool for downloading all messages, but it's a third-party tool, and 'Apple should release these tools,' Daily points out.

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