Although I used Apple Watch for 9 months, what is the reason I finally decided to "graduate"?


Mr. Alex Hearn, a guardian reporter, bought Apple Watch 38 mm stainless steel and a white sports band at 479 euros (approximately 58,000 yen) at the same time as sale. Mr. Hearn who has been using Apple Watch for the next nine months but finally tells us why he decided to remove the Apple Watch "I will not use it again".

Why I have finally taken off the Apple Watch for the last time | Technology | The Guardian

In April 2015 Apple released the first available smart watch "Apple Watch" in conjunction with the iPhone. Mr. Hearn who continued to use Apple Watch for nine months after purchasing said, "I liked the appearance of Apple Watch and" It's attractive to wear computers on my arms " I am talking. However, Mr. Hearn stopped using Apple Watch at the end of May 2016, and instead uses the old watch "Casio B 640 W" instead. It seems that it was only inconvenient that there was no "weather notification".

Prior to Apple Watch, many users are worried about Apple Watch's "battery life", Apple's CEO Tim Cook said "we need to charge every day." Meanwhile Mr. Hearn did not charge Apple Watch every day, so it seems that there was no problem with the battery. It was not that Apple Watch had enough battery capacity, but Mr. Hearn's Apple Watch used less time.

Watch OS 2 was distributed around October 2015, and a new function "Complication" was added. Complication can be customized by placing a widget of a third party application corresponding to the dial, and it is also possible to access the application by tapping a widget. Mr. Hear also compiled "Dark Sky"I installed an application called" I had it. " Dark Sky can display the temperature near the current location on the faceplate in Complications, and if you display it as "Glance", it will have a function to know immediately if it will rain within 15 minutes.

For Mr. Hearn at that time, it was customary to check the temperature and weather of the day with Apple Watch before going out every morning, and Apple Watch was also a guide for picking clothes. Even after I changed to Casio 's digital watch, I heard that only this habit was unconsciously realized. Also, regarding "checking of notifications", "setting of timers", "recording of fitness data" etc, which had been done with Apple Watch, it is possible to shift to the style to do on the iPhone without major problems, "It's not inconvenient I returned. "

95% of the problems are "speed too late to replace the iPhone", "a messy interface that can not be used while on the move" "after all it pulled out the iPhone It is said that it is in "basic performance lack" such as a notice indication which is too limited. "It is somewhat improved as it is, and it is difficult for Apple Watch to be at a level that is as stressless as iPhone and iPod Touch," he thought. Although all these problems can be solved if voice control works well, Mr. Hearn says "And Siri is useless."

Google and Amazon have "Google Home" and "Amazon Echo" with highly accurate speech recognition technologies, etc. However, Mr. Hearn concluded that "Apple does not have a technical solution" I am talking. However, as some problems also depend on the quality of third-party applications, we have concluded that "it is not universally Apple's problem."

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