Zoom announces new virtual event platform 'Zoom Events'

On May 19, 2021,

Zoom announced a new service, 'Zoom Events ,' which expanded the paid service 'OnZoom ' for holding live events and made it easier to hold large-scale events over multiple days. With a wide range of needs from small businesses to large businesses, the service is expected to launch in the summer of 2021.

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On Zoom, which Zoom launched in beta in October 2020, is a paid service that supports event setting and ticket sales, making it easy to hold live events online and online courses. Zoom Events announced this time inherits the function of OnZoom, and it is said that it has a function to sell tickets and collect statistical information such as ticket sales and attendance rate.

In addition to the basic functionality of OnZoom, Zoom Events will include new features for online conferences held for several consecutive days and large group meetings divided into multiple sessions. Specifically, it is possible to create a main event page that guides the entire event and schedule individual sessions to be held on a specific day or week. It is also possible to post a video on each page that allows you to preview the contents of the event.

Specific examples and specifications of Zoom Events functions are as follows.
-Creation of a 'hub' where related event information can be posted together
・ Installation of a virtual lobby where participants can interact with each other
・ Tracking participant registration status and ticket issuance information
・ Functions for large companies that can seamlessly hold and manage internal events such as employee general meetings and sales meetings, and external events such as user conferences
· Group internal events to make it easier for employees to find them

The Verge, an IT news site, said about Zoom Events' fee structure, 'Details such as whether paid event fees will be charged and how to pay ticket fees are not clear, but with On Zoom, PayPal and credit cards are used. Now that we've purchased the ticket, it's possible that Zoom Events will do the same. '

Users of OnZoom will be able to use Zoom Events on behalf of OnZoom at the same time that Zoom Events will start this summer. In addition, the official Zoom Events website has a registration form that allows you to receive the latest information on Zoom Events and notifications of when to start.

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