I tried Matsunoya's 'Cajun and set meal' and 'Mapo tofu and set meal' where the hot peppers add spiciness.

Hot and humid become the season is that it ...... might want to eat things spicy with a stimulus, pork cutlet chain

killing of pine in the menu, 2021 May 19, from the (water) and 'Cajun cutlet set meal', 'mapo cutlet 'Set meal' has been added as a new product. I actually tried to see how spicy each of 'Cajun', which uses plenty of chili pepper and garlic, and 'Mapo', which is characterized by the scent of Chinese pepper and the spiciness of numbness.

Launched 'Cajun and Set Meal' and 'Mapo tofu' with two kinds of 'spicy' sauces that scatter sparks | Matsunoya | Matsuya Foods

Arrived at Matsunoya.

It seems that the two menus this time have a catch phrase 'Shigekigahoshii'.

I bought it and came back with it.

The cutlet and rice are in the same container, and the sauce and salad come in separate containers.

The left is 'Cajun and set meal', and the right is 'Mapo tofu'. The only difference is the source. The basic cutlet is 'loin katsu', and you can also choose 'sasami katsu', 'thick sliced loin katsu', and 'large-sized fillet katsu'.

'Cajun' is a bright red spicy sauce with plenty of red pepper.

On the other hand, 'Mapo' also contains red pepper, but it is unclear how much it contains because the sauce is close to black.

I put the sauce on top of it. In addition to the bright red sauce and red pepper, 'Cajun Katsushi' has a red inside of the container, which makes it look spicy.

You can see that 'Mapo tofu' contains fine ingredients in a thick sauce.

When I try to eat it, 'Cajun Katsushi' looks bright red and spicy, but the spiciness seems to spread slowly in my mouth. Although there is no piercing stimulus, there is a feeling that the heat in the mouth is increasing, and the hand to eat rice progresses.

'Mapo tofu' has a tingling sensation that makes the tongue swell, probably because it contains Chinese pepper. The taste and spiciness are both heavy and heavy.

The price of both 'Cajun and set meal' and 'Mapo tofu and set meal' is 690 yen including tax. Until June 2nd (Wednesday), a large rice service is available at takeout from 20:00 to 5:00 the next day.

The same tax is 690 yen for 'Sasamikatsu', 790 yen including tax for 'Thick sliced loin', and 890 yen including tax for 'Large fillet'.

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