Amazon announces its own wireless standard 'Amazon Sidewalk' that can use loss prevention tags etc.

Amazon officially announced in the United States

'Sidewalk ', a wireless network service that can connect trackers to prevent loss and smart home devices. This service, which allows you to link smart devices such as Amazon Echo and share connections even outside the range of your home wireless LAN, makes it much more convenient to use Tile 's smart tracker to search for lost items and lost dogs.

Echo, Tile, and Level devices join Amazon Sidewalk

What is Amazon Sidewalk? | Tom's Guide

Amazon Sidewalk is About to Strengthen the Finding Power of Your Tiles | Tile

Amazon Sidewalk is a wireless network that enables low-capacity, low-power consumption, and long-distance connections by using Bluetooth and low-bandwidth radio waves of 900MHz. Since it is compatible with various devices such as the Echo series after 2018 and the loss prevention tracker ' Tile Pro ' which has the largest market share in Japan and the United States, it has the advantage of being able to connect and link a wide range of products.

Tom's Guide, a news site specializing in hardware, said, 'Sidewalk will allow devices that cannot be directly connected to Wi-Fi, such as outdoor lighting and loss prevention trackers, to connect to the cloud and receive information. For example. , Suppose your dog with a Tile Pro on the collar gets lost. With a loss prevention tracker that only supports Bluetooth, you can't detect it unless your dog is within range of your Bluetooth device, but Sidewalk is on most Amazons. It is compatible with smart speakers made by the company and can maintain communication even outside the range of the wireless LAN at home, so it is possible to locate your dog whenever you pass in front of the house where Alexa is located. '

By connecting a device to Sidewalk, it is possible to easily reconnect when the wireless LAN connection is interrupted, expand the operating range of the device, and there is no additional cost. Also, the Sidewalk connection is encrypted so that it is not possible to identify the connected device, but if you are concerned about security, you can disable the Sidewalk connection of individual devices. ..

Sidewalk will be available on Amazon's various smart devices from June 8, 2021, including the 3rd and 4th generation Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot for Kids, and the 1st and 2nd generation Echo Plus and Echo Show. Will be done. In addition, Tile's smart tracker will be supported from June 14, and it will

also be compatible with Level 's smart lock and CareBand 's dementia care wandering detection device. However, at the time of writing the article, only the United States is the service target area, and the time when Sidewalk will be available in Echo etc. in Japan is undecided.

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