Voices of risk concern near the start of Amazon's wireless network 'Amazon Sidewalk'

The wireless network 'Amazon Sidewalk ' that links smart home-related devices and loss prevention tags will start in the United States from June 8, 2021. Even terminals that cannot connect directly to Wi-Fi

will be able to send and receive information via nearby Amazon Echo , so it is expected that smart devices will be more convenient to use, but on the other hand, Wi-Fi -Since wireless connections such as Fi and Bluetooh have a history of finding safety issues, it has been pointed out that there is a danger of using them without thinking.

Amazon.com: Amazon Sidewalk: Amazon Devices & Accessories

Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors | Ars Technica

'Amazon Sidewalk' is a wireless network with low capacity, low power consumption, and long-distance connection. With a network of linked devices such as Amazon Echo, security camera, and loss prevention tag ' Tile Pro ', you can simplify reconnection and extend the operating range even if the Wi-Fi connection is interrupted.

For example, when a dog with a Tile Pro attached to a collar runs away during a walk, the basic function is to notify you with a sound if it is within the range that can be connected to your terminal via Bluetooth. In addition, other Tile users will be notified of their location when they pass nearby. If you're connected to 'Amazon Sidewalk,' you'll also know if your dog walks through the Amazon Echo network at someone's home.

So to speak, the material shows that security and privacy protection are carefully considered because it will be connected to another person's terminal. In fact, no one has pointed out the vulnerability of the encryption and other protective measures described in this document.

Amazon Sidewalk Privacy and Security Whitepaper

However, news site Ars Technica has a history of being used for four years before it turned out that one of the wireless LAN encryption methods 'WEP' can be decrypted, and Bluetooth has many flaws as well. He points out that he is being used while holding it, and he is scrutinizing, 'Why do you think that your own framework is superior even though it is an industry standard technology?'

The information that Amazon gets from related devices is very detailed, and it is clear 'who visited this house', 'what is happening indoors, what kind of conversation is being exchanged'. On top of that, I also have control over the house keys and security system. Ars Technica argues that if the reach of such data extends not only within your home, but also to the streets in front of your neighbors and homes, you need to be reasonably reliable. ..

In addition, Amazon Sidewalk users there is a need to set your own 'order to use opt-in instead of', 'user and there is a need to change the settings on your own if you do not use the opt-out is a' method. Ars Technica points out that this is because Amazon understands that the only way to get the service going is to turn it on by default.

By the way, it is easy to set not to connect to Amazon Sidewalk,
1: Open the 'Alexa' app
2: Open advanced settings
3: Open account settings
4: Open the 'Amazon Sidewalk' item
5: Turn off 'Amazon Sidewalk'
It's OK. The service is available only in the United States at the start.

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