'Rurofan Sprinkle' tasting review where you can eat Taiwanese food 'Rurofan' at home without explosive speed & hassle

While eating out and traveling are difficult, you will want to eat the taste of the restaurant, but especially when it comes to making foreign dishes, it is troublesome to prepare the ingredients and check the recipe. Under such circumstances, I discovered something called 'Rurofan Sprinkle ' that you can taste just by

sprinkling Taiwanese food 'Rurofan ' on rice, so I actually bought it and tried it to see what kind of finish it had.

Roulo Fan Sprinkle 30g --Kaldi Coffee Farm Online Store

This is a package sprinkled with rouleaux fans.

The content is 30g, and the calories per bag is 131kcal.

Looking at the raw material names, the letters 'Grilled pork-flavored chips' are at the beginning. The roast pork flavored chips do not contain pork itself, but use granular soy protein, vegetable oil, powdered soy sauce, spices, and pork extract powder. In addition, sesame, roast pork-flavored granules, seasoned pork, sugar, fried onion, etc. were included.

When I open it on a plate ...

You can see lumps, sesame seeds, and fried onions that look like mysterious meat.

Prepare white rice at once ...

When I put a rouleaux fan sprinkle on the rice, it smells like cup noodles for some reason.

When I try to eat it,

I feel the taste of pork and the scent of sesame and five-spice powder , and if I like Taiwan, I'm sure it's a rouleaux fan! However, the presence of the five-spice powder, which I like and dislike, is weak, so while it is very easy to eat, it may not be said to be full-fledged. On the other hand, it was impressive that a person who had never eaten the rouleaux fan himself commented, 'It feels like rice is added to the remaining juice of cup noodles.'

I tried to make omelet rice ……

Excellent compatibility with raw eggs. At first, the sprinkle had a crispy texture and was fragrant, but although the texture was lost when it absorbed water, the taste was good because it blended well with rice and eggs.

You can also eat it as a bowl if you serve it with boiled eggs and vegetables like this. It makes people who like Taiwan feel the taste of Taiwan, and it also promotes the rice of people who are not attached to Taiwan, so it seems that you will not fail to buy it.

The Rouleau fan sprinkle is 192 yen including tax and can be purchased at Cardi's online site or at stores.

Roulo Fan Sprinkle 30g --Kaldi Coffee Farm Online Store

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