Missed Taiwanese fruit tea 'Passion Fruit Jasmine' 'Pine Mango Jasmine' tasting review, refreshing drink that you can enjoy the texture of the pulp and seeds

From April 30, 2021, the beverage 'Taiwan Fruit Tea', which is a mixture of jasmine tea and fruits, has appeared in Mister Donut.

In addition to 'Orange Pink Grapefruit Jasmine' and 'Mixed Berry Jasmine' that appeared for a limited time in 2020, ' Passion Fruit Jasmine ' and ' Pine Mango Jasmine ' have been newly released, so I actually tried the new products.

Misdo Drink Selection | Passion Fruit Jasmine Pine Mango Jasmine | Mister Donut

I bought passion fruit jasmine and pine mango jasmine for takeout.

Passion fruit jasmine looks like this.

Something like a seed is sunk on the bottom.

Follow the video 'How to shake Taiwanese fruit tea deliciously ' released by Mister Donut, turn it upside down, and shake it up and down 10 times. The lid is tightly sealed, so even if you shake it with all your might, the contents will not spill.

The seeds remain sunk even after shaking. Insert the attached straw and you're done. When you take a sip, the taste of sweet and sour passion fruit spreads in your mouth at first, but immediately after that, the astringency of jasmine slowly stimulates your tongue. The finish is such that you can enjoy both the unique acidity of passion fruit, which is different from orange and mango, and the refreshing taste of jasmine.

When I took out only the passion fruit seeds, it was one size smaller than the watermelon seeds, and the texture was more crunchy than bubble wrap. Although the seeds themselves have no taste, the sweet jelly-like pulp clings around the seeds, which makes you want to roll them on your tongue for a while. There are quite a lot of seeds in it, so you can enjoy the texture while it is a drink, whether you want to taste the throat or chew it. It has ice inside, so it's a perfect drink for hot days.

Next, I'll try pine mango jasmine.

You can see that the flesh is floating inside.

When you take a sip after shaking it in the same way, there is no acidity as a whole, and both the sweetness of mango and the astringency of jasmine are strongly insisted. The sweetness is not the sweetness of sugar, but the melting sweetness peculiar to the fruit, and with the help of jasmine, it is a finish that can be drunk. The flesh has both mango and pineapple, both of which have a soft, sweet taste that slightly softens the astringency of jasmine. Passion fruit jasmine is recommended for those who want to enjoy sourness, and pinemango jasmine is recommended for those who do not need sourness and want to taste sweetness.

Both passion fruit jasmine and pine mango jasmine are 583 yen including tax for takeout and 594 yen including tax for eat-in.

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