HDD / SSD is in short supply due to demand for mining crypto assets

There are calls for a shortage of semiconductors due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, but the shortage is not only for semiconductors, but also for ' HDDs ' and ' SSDs, ' according to technology media ExtremeTech .

Cryptocurrency Manipulation Is Causing Short-Term HDD, SDD Shortages --ExtremeTech

Hard Drive Prices Skyrocket In Asia Due to New Chia Cryptocoin, Scalpers Capitalize | Tom's Hardware

ExtremeTech reports that 'storage such as HDDs and SSDs is running out of stock in Asia due to panic buying using the emergence of new cryptocurrencies,' based on multiple reports.

Time Finance, a Chinese media outlet, first reported the lack of storage. It reports that hardware vendors wanting to raise the price of PC components are deliberately trying to cause storage shortages by spreading rumors about the relatively new cryptocurrency Chia.

Chia replaces the consensus algorithm '

Proof of Capacity (PoC) ' used in other cryptocurrencies with the algorithm 'Proof of SpaceTime (PoST)'. PoST is an algorithm that differs from PoC in that the same storage pool cannot be used repeatedly.

Chia is a system that rewards based on how much storage is provided for the total storage capacity of the network, so if a cryptocurrency like Chia succeeds, the value of the local storage pool will be directly monetary value. It will be possible to measure with. As a result, storage vendors like Dell aren't obsolete based on storage capacity like 'GB' or 'TB', but rather 'how much cryptocurrency with this storage (Chia)' like '500 Chia'. It has also been pointed out that there is a possibility that it will be written so that it can be understood. It should be noted that Chia is a cryptocurrency that has not been released yet.

Seagate reports in its quarterly settlement report that it 'confirms that demand for storage has surged due to cryptocurrency mining,' but Times Finance said, 'Insufficient HDDs and SSDs are stored by individual resellers. Because we are stocking up. ' As a result, ExtremeTech said, 'It seems that there is a storage shortage in Asia due to the combination of panic buying of storage by resellers and mining demand by Chia.'

Also, according to tech media Tom's Hardware , Seagate and Western Digital HDDs continue to rise in price in China, and many of their products are sold out at popular online stores in China, JD.com and Taobao. It is said that it is. In particular, large-capacity 16TB and 18TB HDDs seem to be popular, and the selling price seems to have risen by up to 66.7%.

Demand from Chia is not limited to China. On April 21, 2021, Japanese information site Hermitage Akihabara reported that large-capacity HDDs were out of stock due to mining demand, and retailers actually announced restrictions on HDD purchases. There is also.

ExtremeTech said, 'In the last five years, mining demand has filled almost half of the GPU market and messed up the market. Therefore, the future where the mining market has a new impact on storage is not suitable.' It is reported that.

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