I played with the simple synthesizer 'The Endless Acid Banger' that runs on the browser

Programmer and musician David Whiting has developed a simple synthesizer, The Endless Acid Banger, that keeps the sound and rhythm generated by the algorithm flowing endlessly.

The Endless Acid Banger


The start page of The Endless Acid Banger looks like this.

Click on the screen or press any key to start the music.

Vertical column are aligned three in, 303-01 and the 303-02

synthesizer synthesized sound of, the 909-XX rhythm machine has been generated by the sound of.

Every 8 bars, some of the 3 columns will randomly switch to a new note. In that case, the clockwise arrow flashes red. You can also forcibly switch the sound by clicking the arrow.

From the top, the knobs on the right side are 'Cutoff' that attenuates frequencies above a specific frequency, 'Resonance' that emphasizes frequencies near the cutoff frequency, 'Env / Mod' that adjusts ADSR , and the sound rises and the volume is maximum. You can adjust the volume by clicking and dragging with 'Decay' that adjusts how the volume changes after the frequency becomes. By default, the knob is adjusted automatically.

'Alter Patterns' at the bottom left allows you to switch on / off the new sound automatically, 'Twiddle With Knobs' allows you to switch the knob automatically, and 'Mute Drum Parts' allows you to switch the drum part on / off. The currently used pitch is displayed in 'Notegen', and 'Delay' and 'Clock' can also be switched.

You can see what it looks like when you actually use The Endless Acid Banger by watching the following movie.
I played with the simple synthesizer 'The Endless Acid Banger' that runs on the browser-YouTube

The pitch of 'The Endless Acid Banger' cannot be changed, but the point is that you can enjoy the simple sound endlessly. It can be used as background music for work or as a reference for songwriting.

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