Translation tools such as Google Translate can cause misunderstandings

The ability to translate non-native pages open in Chrome is useful, but there are some parts that can only be determined if the translation is accurate. Dr. Vinay Prabhu and colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University point out that there are cases where women become men as a result of translation, and 'forbid violence' becomes the opposite, such as 'order violence'. doing.

Google translate bias investigations --YouTube

Dr. Prabhu et al. Announced 'Did they direct the violence or admonish it? A cautionary tale on contronomy, androcentrism and back-translation foibles. Precautions regarding reverse translation) ”. The treatise.

The first thing they focused on was the 'she survival rate,' which indicates a masculistic bias. This is a numerical value that indicates whether the word 'she' remains when 'reverse translation' is performed to retranslate the translated text in the original language.

When I went to the African language, there was a big difference that the 'her survival rate' was extremely low in the Niger-Congo language family and quite high in the Afro-Asian language family. This is thought to be rooted in 'whether or not there is a gender difference in language'.

The next thing they focused on was the mistranslation of antonyms. The survey was conducted longitudinally in all 109 languages.

In addition, in order to clarify the weak points, he said that he also conducted a cross-sectional survey of more antonyms in a single language.

In fact, a reverse translation using Hindi shows that the conversion is as if Rashid Jahan , a woman who was active as a writer and doctor, was a man.

The full version of the treatise will be published soon.

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