Apple argues that 'as long as there is the Internet, it will not be a monopoly' in response to the indication of antitrust violation

Apple's app distribution platform 'App Store' is being investigated by various countries on suspicion of violating the Antimonopoly Act due to its high fees. Australia is no exception, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

began investigating app stores such as Apple and Google around September 2020, but the investigative committee said, 'The App Store is the most dominant app. In response to the indication that it is a marketplace, Apple is in a position to directly argue that 'users can use web services outside the App Store.'

Apple Pty Limited (10 February 2021) .pdf

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Apple, which is being investigated by ACCC on suspicion of antitrust violations, said in a document dated February 10, 2021 that 'iOS devices do not restrict access to websites over the Internet, and users are on the web. You can use digital content and services on the site, 'he said, refuting the ACCC's point that' Apple has a monopoly on the market. ' 'The entire web is an alternative to service distribution,' claiming that iOS users aren't limited to App Store services. In fact, there is also a mechanism called PWA that behaves like a native app on the website, so users can use the app in a pseudo manner without going through the App Store.

Apple also emphasizes that it is far from monopolistic, as it is in competition with Google Play, Steam, the Amazon Appstore, and more.

'The ACCC makes allegations based on the false assumption that Apple's market power will cause the relevant markets to decline,' Apple said. He said the ACCC may not have investigated whether the assumption is well-founded.

However, when using apps on iOS, it is true that you can only use those distributed through the App Store. In September 2020, Apple revised the guidelines such as allowing streaming games such as Google's 'Stadia' on iOS, but it was stipulated that these games should also be 'downloaded individually from the App Store'. And Apple is trying to get the app distributed through the App Store at all costs.

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The App Store has also been criticized for collecting high fees from app developers. Apple announced in November 2020 that it would reduce commissions from 30% to 15%, but if the app's revenue exceeds $ 1 million annually, commissions will continue to be collected at 30%. .. It has even been pointed out that the high fees on the App Store are 'the mafia should charge a protection racket.'

'Apple enforces fees as the Mafia takes protection rackets,' says ProtonMail CEO of the App Store-GIGAZINE

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