'Loop Hero' play review that survives an infinite loop world with auto battle x hack and slash equipment x roguelike

'Loop Hero ' is a style game that helps the hero who automatically explores a randomly generated infinite loop world from a god's point of view. Although this work is indie, it is a highly rated game

that exceeded 500,000 sales in the first week of its release , so I actually experienced various elements such as auto battle, hack and slash , roguelike.

Steam: Loop Hero

The story began with a god of death descending from the sky. The world seemed to have been destroyed once by this grim reaper.

What remains after being destroyed is a world surrounded by darkness. The main character of this work stood up to save such a world. The main character is a story of defeating the evil guardians who protect each level in order to break the 'infinite cycle' created by the power of the god of death.

The theme of this work is 'Loop' which is also in the title. Loops, which mean 'circulation,' come in many forms. The actual game screen looks like this, and a one-stroke 'loop' passage is randomly generated in the center of the main screen on the left side.

Another big feature of this work is that movement and battle are 'auto'. The protagonist, depicted as a white dwarf, walks the one-stroke passage automatically.

When you hit an enemy, the battle starts. This battle is a fully automatic battle, and all the player can do is watch over the hero who hits the enemy.

The movement and battle of the main character is automatic and the player cannot directly interfere. Instead, you can use 'equipment' and 'cards' that the enemy randomly drops to strengthen the main character and adjust the strength of the enemy.

Each equipment looks like this, in addition to basic ability values such as 'damage' and 'maximum HP', special effects such as 'magic damage' and 'blood sucking (recovers when damaged)' are randomly attached. .. This special effect depends on the rarity and level of the item itself, and the white item with the lowest rarity has only one effect, but each time it increases in rarity to blue, yellow, orange. Comes with additional effects. The number at the bottom left is the item level, and the higher this level, the higher the effect value.

Equipment is automatically accumulated in the inventory and can be equipped at any time. Therefore, it is important to 'equip strong equipment as soon as it is available', but 'strong equipment' is another difficult problem. You can easily compare the equipment just by hovering the cursor, but as shown below, 'The current equipment has a lower maximum HP, but it has damage to the whole and blood sucking. However, the new equipment has a counter of 12 There are many cases where you do not know which is stronger, such as 'There is also a%'. This area has something to do with the 'fun of having to worry about building' of hack and slash type games.

However, be aware that if you install new equipment, the old equipment will be automatically discarded. Even if you think that the old equipment was stronger, you can't get it back, but basically you can get the equipment, so you will hardly regret it.

Another strengthening factor is the 'card'. Cards can be obtained by defeating enemies, accumulated as a hand, and placed on the map to be effective.

There are three types of cards: 'road' cards installed on the aisle, 'roadside' cards installed next to the aisle, and 'scenery' cards installed elsewhere. Many landscape cards raise the hero's abilities, and 'rocks' and 'mountains' have the effect of increasing the maximum HP. 'Pastry' has the effect of recovering HP at regular intervals.

Road cards and roadside cards, on the other hand, are mostly 'creating enemies' effects.

There is basically no cause of death other than being beaten to death by the enemy, so at first glance you might think, 'Isn't the effect of creating an enemy negative?' It's important to increase the number of battles and aim for good drops and cards so as not to lose.

However, the 'place of storage' has a lot to do with the installation of the card. For example, if 9 'rock' and 'mountain' cards are placed side by side so that they are 3x3, they become 'mountain peaks', and the maximum HP increase effect is strengthened and the effect of creating harpy is added. In this way, the effect of the card is strengthened or new effect is added by the adjacent card, so try to find out what combination will be effective, or think of an effective terrain combination that will be a combo. It is also an annoying problem to see.

If you line up the cards to some extent in this way, a boss will appear.

The battle with the boss is also automatic, so the player can only pray. The equipment and cards you get before you reach the boss will determine the outcome. The boss will also be strengthened with each lap, so I want to reach the boss as quickly as possible. The appearance of the boss is determined by the 'number of cards lined up', but you must defeat the enemy to get the cards. In other words, if you want to make the boss appear as soon as possible, you need to defeat as many enemies as possible, so after all the 'effect of creating enemies' card is important.

It looks like this is actually playing. It can be operated with just the mouse, and you can change the equipment and install the card by left-clicking. You can pause at any time by right-clicking, so you can ponder the placement of your cards.

'Loop Hero' that survives an infinite loop is a play screen like this --YouTube

You can return to the 'camp' when you defeat the boss or when you return to the starting point of the passage.

This work is so-called roguelike, and when you get out of the stage, all equipment and levels will be lost. However, in the camp, it is possible to permanently raise the hero's ability.

By building a new facility, you can get a new card ...

Create and equip passive items with permanent effects ...

You can decide which cards you can get during the stage. Cards that you think you don't need can be restricted so that they don't come out.

'Resources' brought back from the stage are required to build facilities and create passive items. Resources can be obtained by defeating specific enemies and installing cards, so by repeatedly challenging the stage, the hero will gradually become stronger even if the capture fails. Even in the 'loop' of challenging the stage, there is no real repetition.

To express this work in one word, it is a 'watching' type game. The main character does not need to be operated because he walks in the aisle with auto and starts fighting with auto, but if left alone, he will lose to the enemy. Therefore, it is necessary to renew the equipment or install the card when the equipment or card is obtained. When to get powerful equipment and cards depends on the movement of the main character, and the main thing is to 'watch while trying to make the deployment successful'.

Also, although only warriors can play first, the construction of the facility will free up two professions, 'Rogue' and 'Necromancer'.

Rogue is an attacking play that can dual wield instead of being able to equip a shield and has 5% blood-sucking passive from the beginning, but Necromancer summons a skeleton to fight instead of being unable to equip shields and armor. 'Press by number' play is possible. Each play style changes drastically, so you can enjoy different play feelings.

'Loop Hero' can be purchased at the Steam / Epic Game Store. At the time of article publication, both the Steam and Epic Game stores were available for purchase for 1520 yen.

Steam: Loop Hero

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