Added 'check' function to warn of copyright infringement even before YouTube publishes the video

YouTube has a function that automatically checks whether the published content does not infringe copyright, and if this check is caught, creators will be forced to take various actions. So YouTube has announced that it will introduce a 'check ' feature to check if the movie is infringing before the movie is released.

New “Checks” Step in the Upload Flow on Desktop --YouTube Community

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YouTube has introduced a mechanism called 'Content ID ' that identifies the characteristics of movies and audio and authenticates uploaded movies.

All the video and audio of the movie uploaded to YouTube are scanned, and if it matches the existing Content ID, the movie will be stopped from being published 'block', all movie analytics will be published to the right holder, 'track', revenue from the movie Any of the 'monetization' that passes to the right holder applies.

However, since all identification by Content ID is done automatically, even if the uploaded movie is your own work, it may be considered as 'infringing copyright' for some reason, and the release of the movie may be restricted. .. In that case, the creator must go through the procedure of 'opposition'.

'Check' added this time is a function to scan while uploading a movie, whether the uploaded movie does not infringe the copyright of others, whether the copyright holder can claim advertising revenue, advertising guidelines It will be judged 'before the movie is released' to see if it conflicts with.

The pre-publication check usually takes less than 3 minutes, and the monetization check takes an additional few minutes. Since you can change the publishing settings and file an objection even before the movie is released, there are fewer cases where the movie is suddenly blocked in some areas or warned for copyright infringement a few days after uploading the movie. Is expected.

'The check feature added this time helps minimize the number of movies that get caught in piracy complaints and content ID scans, and avoids creators' surprises and worries.'

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