Why is it pointed out that 'Web 2.0 has failed'?

Around 2004, the term '

Web 2.0 ', which refers to new ways of using the web represented by Wikipedia, began to become popular. Web 2.0 has various features such as ' automation ', ' interactivity ', ' interoperability ' and ' free ', and it became a hot topic that a new era of information transmission on the web has arrived. However, Ben Thompson , a prominent analyst, commented on the future of the web, saying, ``Web 2.0 has failed, especially in terms of'' interoperability.''

The Web's Missing Interoperability – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Many SNSs, including Facebook and Instagram, are provided free of charge, their services are automated, and because of the two-way communication between the ``sender'' and the ``viewer'', Web 2.0 is generally used. considered to meet the definition. However, Mr. Thompson points out that many SNS do not meet the 'interoperability' of Web 2.0.

In the first place, 'Web 2.0 interoperability' refers to compatibility with other systems and services. However, content such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which has emerged on the Internet in recent years, has become an exclusive and closed style in which one large service surrounds a large number of users. Thompson's view is that these social networks are far from 'interoperable' and therefore do not fit into Web 2.0.

What Mr. Thompson cites as an example of `` lack of interoperability '' is the `` super follow '' function announced by Twitter in February 2021. Super Follow is a way for Twitter users to ``display posts that are not displayed to regular followers in a subscription format'', strengthening Twitter's user retention. Mr. Thompson describes this feature as ``a good product design'' that will generate profits for Twitter, but also warns that users will concentrate on one platform and the market monopoly will progress.

Thompson says that new entrants to the SNS business are difficult, and currently services that focus on different aspects of communication methods are successful. Twitter and Facebook are mainly text, Instagram is photos, TikTok is developing its own service as a place to share content centered on movies. However, the most necessary thing for these free services is to acquire users, so new functions are added to existing services before new services are created so as not to lose existing users acquired. Mr. Thompson points out that the trend is changing.

In 2020, Facebook was indicted for antitrust violations for impeding market competition by acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp. Google and Amazon have also been sued for similar reasons, and Mr. Thompson believes that one solution to overcome this situation is to intensify market competition, including among small and medium-sized enterprises. I hope

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