'Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0' tasting review with 4 types of toppings in which cheese with a total weight of 1 kg flows like a waterfall

February 22, 2021 is a new menu ' Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0 ' that adds four different toppings to the '

Ultra Cheese ' series of pizza menus for cheese lovers who have only cheese toppings that exist in Domino's Pizza. Appeared on the day. I heard that you can enjoy a large amount of melting cheese and toppings together, so I actually tried it.

Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0 --Domino's Pizza

The New Yorker size of the Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0 I ordered has arrived. The New Yorker size is an extra-large size with 1 kg of cheese on it.

The sticker that holds the pizza box was also used to check the opened state.

I opened the box. Basil bacon on the upper left, garlic pepper on the upper right, coarse sausage on the lower left, and pepperoni on the lower right. The actual diameter is 43 cm.

When I lifted one piece, cheese dripping from the dough.

It should be said that cheese with a total weight of 1 kg is on it, and even if you pull it, the cheese will continue to hang down like a waterfall, so it seems easier to eat with a fork.

One cut looks like this, and it's too big to fit in a man's hand. First of all, when I tried eating coarse sausage, the presence of cheese spreading in my mouth was tremendous, and it was more like 'cheese with pizza dough stuck together' rather than pizza. Although thinly sliced sausage is used for the topping, the proportion is too small compared to the canvas called cheese, and the presence is thin. However, since all the cheese used is mozzarella cheese, there is little habit, so even if I chewed the cheese all over my mouth, I could not stop eating pizza.

I thought that pepperoni tasted the same as coarse sausage, but I felt the saltiness of pepperoni was quite strong, and it was a taste that could be eaten as a snack.

Garlic pepper has a garlic aroma and oil that fills the mouth, and black pepper has a crisp taste. The coarse sausage was a little monotonous with too much cheese, but the garlic pepper had thinly sliced soft garlic on it, and the contrast between the garlic flavor and the cheese flavor created the cheese's umami. On the contrary, I felt strongly.

The basil bacon topping is characterized by crispy baked bacon. Again, the basil sauce applied to the entire surface added a strong flavor to the slightly monotonous taste of cheese alone. You can feel the umami of bacon firmly, and it is a well-balanced dish of cheese, bacon, and basil sauce.

For reference, I also bought the M size with a diameter of 23 cm, so when I put the M size, New Yorker size, and iPhone 12 Pro side by side, it looks like this. You can see that there is a difference of about 3 times in size. Also, the New Yorker size had an overwhelming flavor of cheese when you put it in your mouth, so if you like cheese called 'I'm the one', please try the New Yorker size.

The price of Ultra Cheese Revolution Quattro 4.0 is 2800 yen excluding tax for the delivery M size and 4500 yen excluding tax for the New Yorker size.

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