Trying to eat a domino pizza 'Quatro Colorful Summer' with a crispy octopus and thick-cut avocado

The Quattro Colorful Summer , which offers four types of pizza from Domino Pizza, has been available since July 8, 2019. A summer campaign pizza that appeared simultaneously with

avocado shrimp mixed with smooth sliced avocado, shrimp rippo, rippo octopus, ahijo octopus with shrimp ragrogo , avocado chicken bacon with roasted chicken and smoked bacon plus avocado In addition, I was interested in what kind of taste the limited-time pizza that combines the popular menu Goryeo Calvi of Domino Pizza, so I ordered it and tried it.

Quattro Colorful Summer

Pizza has arrived at the editorial department.

This is the L size of quattro colorful summer. It looks like this compared to Google Pixel 3 with a long side of about 14.5 cm.

When I checked the size with the measure, the diameter was about 35 cm by measurement.

The quatro colorful summer is made up of four kinds of pizza, the upper left is 'Akojo of octopus', the upper right is 'Avocado chicken bacon', the lower left is 'Avocado shrimp' and the lower right is 'Korai Calvi'.

'Avocado Shrimp' is topped with a thick tomato avocado, tomato and shrimp topped with tomato sauce and cheese as a base, and basil is sprinkled on it.

When you try it, you can feel the texture of Avocado, which melts smoothly in your mouth, and the taste of mayonnaise, which is dark and burnt. The richness of avocado and rich in mayonnaise, the sour taste of tomato sauce and cherry tomato was finished in exquisite taste. There is also a texture of shrimp, but since it is a little weak, it is an honest impression that 'If you are encrusted more vigorously, you can enjoy the contrast with the smoothness of avocado'.

The next thing I ate is 'Oko no

Ahijo '. I was attracted by the fact that black olives were topped with octopus, shrimp, and tomatoes containing Gorogoro.

When I ate a bite, the unique flavor of black olives brought out the flavor of chopped octopus and shrimp, and I was able to fully enjoy the flavor of seafood. Octopus and shrimp have a crispy texture, with a hint of mushroom stuffed with a hint of mushroom stuffed with a pleasing taste and texture.

Next is 'Avocado Chicken Bacon'. When I ate it, the juicy umami of chicken and the smoky flavor of bacon spread in my mouth. Because the claims of yellow paprika and onion are surprisingly strong, and the sweetness of vegetables can be firmly felt, it has become a pizza that can taste a variety of tastes along with the avocado's mild taste.

The regular menu 'Doyo Pizza' 'Koryo Calvi' is a popular Pisa with a combination of succulent juicy ribs and sweet and spicy sauce with garlic. The simple taste of meat can be blazingly brisk, so it was perfect for closing after tasting seafood, chicken and bacon.

'Quattro · Colorful Summer' is 3024 yen including tax for M size and 4212 yen including L size for tax. In addition, 'Korai Calvi', 'Avocado Shrimp', 'Takono Ahijo' and 'Avocado Chicken Bacon' can be ordered as one piece of pizza, and 'Koryo Calvi' is the delivery medium size: 2592 yen, L size: 3780 yen, others All three are the same price as 'Quattro colorful summer'.

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