I have eaten 3 items of pizza "Pizza potato pizza" which reproduced the taste of potato chips "Pizza potato" reproducing the taste of pizza at the Glorious Chain Cafe

In the menu of the cafe "Glorious Chain Cafe" operated by Italian clothing maker DIESEL, Calbee's popular potato chips "Pizza potatoes"Pizza potato taste pizza" which collaborated with has appeared from November 6, 2017. Pizza potato taste was reproduced to reproduce the taste of pizza Pizza reproduced the pizza potato taste in order to ascertain its actual state of which it is somewhat unknownPizza potato pizza"Calvie's new product released this autumn"Pizza potato rich cheese tasteReproduced "Pizza potato rich cheese pizza", A signboard menu of Glorious Chain Cafe and Pizza potato combinedGlorious PizzaThree kinds of taste have been tasted.

Pizza potato taste pizza

I came to Glorious Chain Café SHINSAIBASHI. In addition to Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Glorious Chain Café has one store in Shibuya.

There was a signboard of Pizza potato collaboration at the shop front.

I ordered a drink set of 'Pizza Potato Pizza' and 'Pizza Potato Rich Cheese Pizza', so I was able to participate in the lottery. It seems that luxury prizes such as rucksacks of pizza potato specification are hit, but the result is losing both results twice. Pizza potato as a sorry award Get a sticker with a design that melts cheeses of pizza violently.

Drinks arrived ahead of time. It is an unusual shape cup.

Spoons and forks also had a unique design that the tip of the hand was a spanner.

After about 10 minutes from the order, "Pizza potato pizza" arrived in the special box.

Compared to iPhone X, the size of pizza is smaller than general delivery pizza and is easy to eat.

Salami's topping on plenty of spread with Emmental and cheddar cheese.

From there on "chasing cheese" is poked out over the pizza.

Pizza potato which was likewise "chased cheese" was also included.

When breaking apart exclusively, overflowing cheese trolls and appetizes.

As a comment on eating, it is quite close to the taste of pizza potato, quite ants in the sense that the saltiness of potato chips has turned into a deep umami. Even though this cheese is overlapped with this one, although it has thickness and richness when it is put in the mouth, the cuddle that draws afterward has eaten up to the extent that it is not bothersome than pizza potato. Attention is paid only to the fact that it is preeminent to have a chewy dough and a crispy vegetable, so as not to be chilled during chatter while chattering.

I also eat pizza potatoes that have been cheesed and try to compare. Pizza potato is a snack that makes you feel "pizza" fairly strongly, but extra pizza is born by following cheese.

I tried eating "Pizza potato pizza" by popping "Pizza potato" to try. It was fairly pleasantly surprising that there was a crispy texture in pizza 's taste, and saltiness of pizza potatoes was a good accent in rich cheese.

Continue to open "Pizza potato rich cheese pizza". Here is no topping of ingredients, pizza where cheese was piled anyway, thick richness drifts softly.

Emmental · Cheddar · Gorgonzola · Mozzarella cheese was abundantly usedQuattro FormageThe pizza dough which was dusty at "Pizza potato pizza" was baked thinly to a crisp texture.

Taking them separately, many cheeses draw attention.

"Pizza potato rich cheese pizza" is good, spreading cheese flavor with crispy texture. Just compared to "Pizza potato pizza", the sense of "cheese anyhow" is strong, I feel a little unsatisfactory. It is deep and rich in taste, it is not salty and salty, so it's an elegant pizza you want to be the wine's top. Although it is away from the taste of "Pizza potato rich cheese taste", it was one piece that was unbearable for cheese lovers.

The last is "Glorious Pizza". "Glorious Pizza" is a luxurious piece of pizza potato flow "chasing cheese" applied to the bismarck style pizza that topped with poached eggs used for hamburger patty, Egg Benedict, a signage menu for the Glorious Chain Cafe.

Poached Egg and Patty put in the center. From the moment of opening the box a heavy aroma of patties drifts, and the drool does not stop.

I will crush poached eggs and crush it. The taste which Patti's umami firmly insisting on thick and thick cheese made as a gut. Blowing away the cuddly ingredients of spicy flavorful cheese sauce that seeps out of Patty and stretching out to the next despite being a pizza with quite a volume. It is also very good for eggs to mellow chess and Patty's punch strength. "Pizza potato" has not much to do with it, but it was a piece I want to recommend as a pizza and a good pizza.

The collaborative menu of Glorious Chain Cafe × Pizza Potato will be sold at Glorious Chain Cafe Shibuya, Shinsaibashi from November 6, 2010 to November 30, 2017. All prices are tax included, "Pizza potato pizza" is 980 yen, "Pizza potato rich cheese pizza" is 1080 yen, "Glorious pizza" is 1180 yen. Plus 310 yen, you can order a drink set that you can participate in a lottery winning a luxury prize.

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