Introducing the small board 'Quartz 64' that can be driven by a battery with the same performance as Raspberry Pi 4

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PinePhone ' and, just a single-board computer of 2000 yen ' PINE A64 such as', to develop a variety of open source hardware PINE64 from, Raspberry Pi 4 equivalent performance while battery can be driven single-board computer 'Quartz64 model-A Is newly introduced.

February Update: Show and Tell | PINE64

Pine64 unveils Quartz64 SBC powered by Rockchip RK3566 SoC

The Quartz64 model-A looks like this. According to PINE64, it has adopted a base layout similar to the professional single board computer ' ROCKPro64 ' that appeared in 2018. In addition, PINE64 has the main features of Quartz64 model-A, such as '4K 60Hz video output support' 'Equipped with SATA port' 'Battery driveable ' 'Native support for e-ink display' 'Supports up to 8GB LPDDR4 RAM ' I'm giving a point.

The detailed specifications of Quartz64 model-A look like this.


Rockchip RK3566
memory 2-8GB ( LPDDR4 )
SPI flash 128Mbit / 16MB

Up to 256GB microSD card
SATA3.0 port
16-128GB eMMC (optional)

Video output

HDMI 2.0a (maximum 4K @ 60Hz)
eDP (maximum 2560 x 1600 @ 60Hz)
DSI (1440p)

camera MIPI CSI camera interface with up to 8MP

One USB 3.0
3 USB 2.0

power supply

DC input 12V / 3A
VBAT Lithium Battery Connector with Temperature Sensor Input

Size 130mm x 80mm x 19mm

The Soc 'Rockchip RK3566' used in the Quartz64 model-A is the 4-core CPU ' Cortex-A55 ' that operates at a maximum of 1.8GHz announced by Arm in 2017, and the GPU ' Mali-G52 ' that was also designed by Arm. Is installed.

Comparing the single core performance and multi-core performance of Quartz 64 model-A equipped with 'Rockchip RK3566' and Raspberry Pi 4 equipped with Broadcom BCM2711 from the result of benchmark software ' Geekbench ', it looks like this. The scores are close to each other, which shows that the Quartz64 model-A has the same performance as the Raspberry Pi 4.

PINE64 says, 'The calculation task execution speed of Quartz64 model-A is 15 to 25% slower than the professional single board computer ROCK Pro64 released in 2018. However, Quartz64 model-A is a consumer single board computer. , It can be said that it is a feat to be compared with ROCKPro64 itself. Also, Quartz64 model-A rarely exceeds 60 degrees even under heavy load, 'said Quartz64 model-A with high computing power and saving. We are appealing the power performance.

At the time of writing the article, the release date of Quartz64 model-A is undecided. In addition, the official Wiki of PINE64 publishes the schematics and data sheets of Quartz64 model-A.

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