Shopify's payment service 'Shop Pay' is now available on Facebook and Instagram online shops


Shopify ', which operates an EC platform that allows you to easily open an online shop, provides ' Shop Pay ' as a payment service that can be used at the Shopify store opened on the platform. Shopify has announced that Shop Pay is now available not only in the Shopify store, but also in online shops opened on Facebook and Instagram.

Shop Pay expands to Facebook and Instagram

Shopify Expands Its Checkout System to Facebook and Instagram --WSJ

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In May 2020, a service that allows companies to open a customizable online shop on Facebook started, and in Japan, the

Facebook shop began to be offered in June . Also, from the summer of 2020, a similar online shop can be opened on Instagram.

'Facebook Shops' that can open a full-scale online shop on Facebook and Instagram are now available --GIGAZINE

Shopify announced on February 9, 2021 that its payment service, Shop Pay, will be available in Facebook and Instagram online shops. Until now, Shop Pay was only available at online shops opened on Shopify, but it will also be available as a payment service at online shops opened on other SNS platforms for the first time.

Shop Pay, which started its service in 2017, allows you to make payments using the information saved in online shops that support Shop Pay by storing your credit card and shipping information in Shop Pay. is. In order to use the data stored in Shop Pay, a Shop Pay code sent by SMS to the smartphone is required, so it is a service that combines security and convenience.

In 2020, 137 million payments will be made with Shop Pay, and total sales through Shop Pay since 2017, when the service was launched, will amount to 20 billion dollars (about 2.1 trillion yen). Shopify also works to protect trees in the Peruvian rainforest to offset carbon emissions from deliveries, Shopify said.

Shop Pay will be available in the Instagram shop starting February 9, 2021, and will be available in the Facebook shop in the coming weeks. At the time of writing the article, only Facebook shops in the United States are targeted.

According to a report by research firm eMarketer, purchases on SNS platforms in the United States are on the rise, but a minority of consumers even make payments on the platform, and more than half of consumers leave the platform to retailers. It is said that it will be purchased on the website of. For SNS companies looking for ways to keep users on the platform, the introduction of Shop Pay, which allows easy online payment from smartphones, is expected to be beneficial.

However, Jason Goldberg, chief strategy officer for advertising agency Publicis Groupe , said the introduction of Shop Pay is unlikely to have a significant impact. Shop Pay is a well-known service, and few consumers are considering purchasing products with or without a payment service, so it is unlikely that sales at Facebook / Instagram shops will surge.

Meanwhile, eMarketer's chief analyst Andrew Lipsman believes that Shop Pay has the potential to drive impulse purchases in areas such as beauty, fashion and interiors. 'In many cases, consumers have to feel a strong urge to'buy this'in order to make a purchase,' said Lipsman, who said smooth payment methods could boost sales. Insisted that there is.

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