The free trial version of Resident Evil Village 'Maiden' has been released on PlayStation 5, so I tried playing it immediately

In Capcom's popular horror game '

Resident Evil ' series, ' Resident Evil Village ', the eighth work in the main story, will be released on May 8, 2021. The free trial version ' Maiden ', which allows you to experience the visuals of Resident Evil Village first, was released on January 22, 2021. I actually played Maiden to taste what the first Biohazard series of PlayStation 5 that can play games with 4K resolution and up to 120 fps is. In addition, since it includes spoilers of the game content, please be careful if you want to play without knowing anything.

Resident Evil Village PlayStation®5 free trial version 'Maiden' is now available! | CAPCOM

Before you can play Maiden, you need to make the initial settings. After selecting the audio language, display language, subtitle display, and speaker type, press the x button to confirm.

For HDR-enabled monitors, you will be asked if you want to play with HDR settings. Select 'Yes' this time.

Adjust the HDR brightness while looking at the monitor.

After scrolling through the terms and conditions with the right analog stick, select 'Yes' to agree.

Since the play data of 'Maiden' will be sent, select 'Close'.

Select 'START GAME' to start the game.

The title logo of 'MAIDEN' that emerges in a vague view

It seems that the player is trapped in an underground prison. Maiden's purpose is to escape from this prison.

Looking around the unsanitary cell, I found something. If you press the × button to check ...

It was a memo from someone. Apparently he wrote some advice for escape.

According to the message, 'Even if you crawl, you'll find a way', when you hang around while crouching by pushing the right stick ...

I found a suspicious hole. After going through the hole, it was the prison next door. The high image quality unique to PlayStation 5 and the expression of darkness by HDR are tremendous, and even if you look around, you can not understand what is there, and it is literally a state of 'groping in the dark'.

You can see the actual wandering around the prison in the following movie.

A place to wander around the prison in the free trial version of Resident Evil Village 'Maiden'-YouTube

When you open the prison door and enter the hallway, you will find old torture equipment in places.

What's more, all of them pierce the torture partner with a needle and cause a large amount of bleeding.

On the wall of another prison, there is a letter written in blood saying 'Help me brother'.

Beside that is a female corpse.

In addition, 'something' wrapped in a sack is also rolling around.

There was a door when I went all the way down the corridor, but there was no sign of opening. When I wonder what happened, the sound of something suddenly falling from behind.

When I returned, the corpse of a woman beside the blood letter was lying down, and a chain cutter was stuck in its back.

The chain around the prison door is now broken.

The torture equipment was lined up in the newly started prison ...

It was a tub full of blood.

Recalling the memorandum that 'hope is always full of blood,' I took the plunge and looked into the tub and found a key picker.

When I headed to the back of the corridor thinking, 'I can move forward with this,' the wall is donned! Don! You will hear the sound of someone being beaten and rampaging.

This is dangerous! In a hurry, open the box next to the door with a key picker and unlock the door.

Proceeding beyond the door, a sculpture with an ancient war motif was projected on the light.

Going further, there is a table and candles in a dark room. In a completely dark underground space, only the tables and tableware illuminated by the candlelight emerge.

Obviously rotten meals are familiar in the Resident Evil series

As I walked down the dark corridor, I heard something spilling and flowing like 'Kopokopo ...'. Looking in that direction, I found a place that seems to be a wine storage. Is it a castle-like place to homebrew wine because it's placed in barrels instead of bottles?

On the way, I found a maid's diary. After all, this is like a castle, but the young lady who immediately cuts her face with a knife just because she made a rough appearance is obviously abnormal, and the working environment is extremely poor.

As I proceeded while solving the mystery, it was quite difficult to see in the dark, but I found a ladder.

Ascending the ladder, you will reach a well-decorated Western-style room.

You can see the actual wandering around the castle in the following movie.

A place to wander around the castle with the free trial version of Resident Evil Village 'Maiden'-YouTube

All the lights in the castle are candles, so it's as dim as underground. This 'darkness' expressed by the performance of PlayStation 5 leads to fear firmly, so you have to explore the castle quite carefully.

As I wandered around the corridor, I opened it and found a bright place. Apparently, I was walking in the corridor on the 2nd floor. The lobby on the 1st floor has a huge chandelier and a warm fireplace.

When I went down the stairs to the 1st floor and approached the fireplace, I was burning the same clothes as myself. Is the burnt residue piled up in the back a trace of firewood?

Also, I found a tea cup on the side table. The tea cup has a bright red rouge, which seems to have been used by a noble woman living in this castle.

Clearly blood is stuck in the teacup.

There is a window in the small room leading to the lobby. Looking out, snow is piled up, and only the sound of the wind blowing through the broken windows echoes.

Also, this small room had a door leading to the outside. I thought that if I opened this door, I could go outside ... but the key was closed. If you don't find the key to this door, you won't be able to escape.

Furthermore, if you look inside the wine glass placed on the dining table in the small room ...

I found a ring with sticky blood.

If you look at the ring, you will get a 'scarlet stone' that looks like a pupil.

As I wandered around the castle, thinking that this scarlet stone could be used somewhere, I found a statue of a woman bleeding from one eye. When I put it in, the key was unlocked and the door opened.

There was a wine cellar at the end of the door.

This castle is called 'Domitresk Castle', and it is said that home-brewed wine with 'unique ingenuity' is very popular. What kind of device are you doing ...?

Then, as a result of further exploring the castle, I found the key leading to the courtyard. If you are interested in seeing if you can escape with this, please play for yourself and see for yourself.

Resident Evil Village will be released on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Steam. Of these, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions can be pre-ordered on

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