If Kojima Hideo's latest film 'DEATH STRANDING (Death Stranding)' is out in the first PS? Movie to reproduce

What happens if the image quality of the first PlayStation is dropped to '

DEATH STRANDING ', the latest title for PS4 released on November 8, 2019? The strongman who reproduced with the game play movie style image has appeared.

Death Stranding-PlayStation 1 Demake Gameplay Trailer-YouTube

The movie is released on Bearly Regal, a YouTube channel. The movie starts from the start screen of the original PS ...

The title screen looks like this.

Start from 'MOUNTAIN PASS B'.

The game screen looks like this.

By the way, the game screen of Honka Death Stranding is like this, and the difference in image quality is remarkable.

Walking around tech tech ...

'I need a ladder to go up there ...' says Mr. Sam, who plays Norman Reedus.

Transfer to load screen to move to another stage.

I found a tent ...

Get a ladder in this.

'This ladder should raise me to the shelf'

So we come to the shelf and put a ladder.

By the way, it is possible to move to high places using super long ladders like this if it is a main house.


What a thrill ... '

It's like this when climbing a ladder, it's like a thrill.

Move to the shelf at once!

In the main house, the climb of the ladder is never cut.

And after moving to a high place ...

'I know this place'

The next moment, on the screen, a glimpse of Cliff playing Matts Mikkelsen ...

'What! Stop!'

If you notice it's a scene like hell before your eyes.

And the screen rotates around ...

It becomes the production like the old days

encounter screen.

The movie ends here.

As for 'TO BE CONTINUED', maybe there is a continuation ...?

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