Nintendo asks to remove hacked video of 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' for copyright infringement


Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers ' released on November 13, 2020 is a game machine that allows you to play Mario on the portable game machine ' Game & Watch ' that appeared in 1980. It is reported that a movie that hacks such 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers' and plays another game has been deleted in response to a copyright infringement allegation by Nintendo.

Nintendo Pulls Videos of Game & Watch Hacking

Nintendo uses copyright claims to take down Game & Watch hacking videos | Ars Technica

'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' released to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of the first ' Super Mario Bros. ' is the family computer version of ' Super Mario Bros. ' ' Super Mario Bros. 2 ' and 'Game & Watch' It is a portable game machine that can play ' ball '. You can read how to actually play the game in 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' in the following article.

I actually played 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' where you can play the 'ball' of the first Mario and Game & Watch --GIGAZINE

Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. is limited to three games, but some hackers have been looking for ways to play more games. Video contributor stacksmashing is one of them, and he said that he disassembled 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' and confirmed how much the hardware and software can be customized.

As a result of disassembly, 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.' turned out to be very simple. Since there is no expandable memory, the USB-C port is for charging only, and you can't connect to the internet, stacksmashing uses a technique of replacing the memory with another ROM file to play games that aren't installed by default. I succeeded in playing.

You can see how you actually play ' DOOM ', a classic FPS masterpiece in 'Game & Watch Super Mario Bros.', in the following movie.

DOOM on the Game and Watch --YouTube

Also, stacksmashing is not only DOOM, but also 'Pokemon' ...

We also play 'The Legend of Zelda'.

However, on January 12, 2021, stacksmashing notified YouTube that Nintendo had filed a copyright infringement claim for a movie explaining two 'how to hack'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers''. received. As a result, the two movies that received the allegations were deleted.

According to stacksmashing, the two movies in which the allegations were made show the game being played in 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers', and it seems that copyright infringement may have been confirmed in this part. .. Regarding the movie with the blur on the game screen, since there was no copyright infringement claim at the time of writing the article, stacksmashing plans to edit the deleted movie and publish it again.

Ars Technica, a tech media, pointed out that the movie itself, which shows and reviews the game screen of 'Game & Watch Super Mario Brothers', is posted in large numbers on YouTube. Nintendo said it does not target all movies showing game screens, but uses the wide discretion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to file copyright infringement claims depending on the content.

In addition, Nintendo does not file a copyright infringement claim for posting videos or screenshots of captured games as long as it follows the guidelines for using Nintendo's copyrighted works . The guidelines stipulate that 'acts that interfere with the normal operation of Nintendo's products or services or impair safety,' 'illegal copied game software, modified game software,' 'avoidance of technical restrictions, and unauthorized measures.' It is explained that the post about 'modifications or things that enable them' will be deleted.

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