Katsuya's 'Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu' tasting review that makes you addicted to the spiciness that comes slowly

From January 8, 2021, ' Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu ', which is a combination of hearty chicken katsu and numbing spicy mala, has appeared at Katsudon, a specialty store for katsudon. I heard that you can taste the spiciness of sesame and chili oil, so I actually tried it.

[At the beginning of 2021, Katsuya is a full-fledged mala] Introducing 'Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu' that makes you addicted to numbing spiciness! | Arkland Service Holdings Co., Ltd. Press Release


This is the take-out menu 'Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Don Bento' that I brought back.

When I opened the lid, I found a white-haired green onion on top of the chicken cutlet. There is a bok choy in the corner.

When I avoided the vegetables, I could see chicken cutlets with a thick sauce.

If you take a bite of chicken katsu for the time being, you can enjoy the crispy and pleasant texture and the texture of tender chicken. The sauce tastes like Marvo, and the spiciness gradually attacks after eating. It's not too spicy, so it's easy to eat, and the spiciness has a faint scent of Chinese pepper.

When eaten with gray onions, the spiciness was a little lessened and the taste became easier to eat. The white-haired green onions were well seasoned like a Chinese dish.

Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu is on sale for a limited time, and the eat-in exclusive 'Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Bowl' is 649 yen including tax, and the takeout exclusive 'Sesame Tantan Chicken Katsu Bowl Bento' is 637 yen including tax.

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