I drank three new winter latte such as Starbucks 'Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte' where the sweet and stimulating scent of nutmeg accentuates the mellowness of white chocolate.

From Saturday, December 26, 2020, ' Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte ', which is a sweetly boiled Indian milk tea '

Chai ' topped with whipped cream and white chocolate and sprinkled with nutmeg, will appear on the Starbucks coffee menu. doing. At the same time, ' Earl Gray Honey Whip Tea Latte ' with honey whipped cream and white chocolate in Earl Gray tea latte and ' Hojicha Cream Tea Latte ' with white chocolate-style syrup and whip added to roasted green tea tea latte have also appeared. I bought all three types and drank them.

Have a relaxing time at your My Home Starbucks 'Earl Gray Honey Whip Frappuccino®' and 3 types of tea latte 'Earl Gray Honey Whip Tea Latte', 'Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte', 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte' 2020 It will be on sale from Saturday, December 26th! | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrived at Starbucks.

When I went to the counter, there were 3 new hot drinks I was looking for on the menu, so I ordered them all by takeout.

That's why I bought the Tall size of 'Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte', 'Earl Gray Honey Whipped Tea Latte' and 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte' and came back.

All the cups are the same, but the sides of the cups are labeled like this so you won't lose track of which one.

The mouthpiece of the lid has a cap that doubles as a muddler that stirs the contents.

First of all, I will try drinking from 'Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte'. When I just received it, the whipped cream on the chai tea latte was sprinkled with white chocolate flakes and nutmeg, but since it was a hot drink, the cream and chocolate melted, and by the time I took it home, the nutmeg powder floated. It was in a state.

When you take a sip, the spicy scent of nutmeg fluffy out of your mouth and into your nose. The scent of nutmeg, which combines sweetness and tingling stimulus, enhances the mellowness of milk and the flavor of white chocolate, so I felt that it was the perfect latte when I wanted to warm my body.

'Earl Gray Honey Whip Tea Latte' is a drink of Earl Gray tea latte topped with honey whipped cream and white chocolate, but when you open the lid, you will find a tea bag instead of cream or chocolate. According to the clerk, it's okay to drink with the lid on and the tea bag in, but if you're worried, you can take out the tea bag.

So when I take out the tea bag, it looks like this. Tea leaves of black tea are packed in a fine-grained tea bag in the shape of a triangular pan.

The citrus aroma of Earl Gray and the honey flavor go perfectly together. The sweetness is quite strong thanks to the mixture of cream and chocolate, but the aftertaste has a slight astringency of black tea, so the sweetness is solid and deep.

The last drink, 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte,' is a drink made by combining white chocolate-style syrup with roasted green tea latte and sprinkling brown sugar on it.

Comparing the tea bag of 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte' (left) with the tea bag of Earl Gray Latte (right), 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte' was one size larger. Unlike black tea, hojicha does not have a string to take out, probably because it does not have astringency even if it is soaked for a long time.

When I drank the latte with the aroma of roasted green tea in the richness of the cream, I got the impression that it was a sweet made with soybean flour. On the other hand, the overall sweetness itself is modestly suppressed, resulting in a clean mouth with an elegant taste.

'Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte' and 'Earl Gray Honey Whip Tea Latte' are 450 yen excluding tax for Short, 490 yen excluding tax for Tall, 530 yen excluding tax for Grande, 570 yen excluding tax for Venti, 'Hojicha Cream Tea Latte' Short is 430 yen excluding tax, Tall is 470 yen excluding tax, Grande is 510 yen excluding tax, and Venti is 550 yen excluding tax.

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