I tried Domino's Pizza's 'Superb Quattro Supervised by Chef with Stars', which is a collection of 4 types of pizza devised by Chef with Stars

For the first time in Domino's Pizza history, the pizza ' Superb Quattro Supervised by Starred Chef ', which is a collaboration with four starred restaurant chefs, has been released since November 30, 2020. I was wondering what the taste of the pizza devised by a famous chef was, so I actually ordered it and tried it.

Superb quattro supervised by a star chef | Domino's Pizza


'The best quattro supervised by a chef with a star' is 2800 yen excluding tax for M size, 3399 yen excluding tax for R size, and 3900 yen excluding tax for L size. This time, I ordered an L size with a diameter of about 33 cm, which is suitable for 3 to 4 people to eat. The size of the box is about this compared to the iPhone 12.

As the name suggests, 'Superb Quattro Supervised by a Starred Chef' is a gorgeous pizza that combines four pizzas devised by a starred restaurant chef. This time I chose hand toss for pizza dough.

This is the thickness of the hand toss fabric.

'Roast chicken and Hokkaido Camembert' devised by Chef Junichiro Horie of the 1-star restaurant '

Ristor i-lunga ' is this. It looks pure white and is topped with tomatoes and peppers. The ingredients are roast chicken, Hokkaido Camembert cheese, peppers, Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, and white sauce.

When I actually eat it, it's full of cheese, but it's also mixed with white sauce, so it's surprisingly refreshing and you can eat it crisply. Roast chicken has a weaker presence than I expected, but it adds a touch of umami and adds depth to the taste. Cheese and white sauce are the main characters on the whole, and it has an elegant taste that is not often found in pizza delivery chains.

Next, I will try 'Puri Puri Shrimp & Fluffy Omar Sauce' devised by Chef Ryuta Iizuka of the 2-star restaurant '

Restaurant Crown '. The ingredients are shrimp, omar sauce, onion, asparagus, and white sauce.

When I tried it, I realized again that 'Puri Puri Shrimp & Fluffy Omar Sauce' had a strong taste of white sauce, and 'Roast Chicken and Hokkaido Camembert' had a strong taste of cheese. 'Puri Puri Shrimp & Fluffy Omar Sauce' is topped with asparagus and shrimp, but it's a little unsatisfactory because only one is listed for each piece. This pizza is not too strong and not too savory, and it is surprisingly refreshing and never gets tired. Of the four types of pizza, I felt that it was particularly suitable for hand toss dough.

In addition, I will

try 'Smoked turkey and 5 kinds of mellow cheese sauce' devised by Chef Noboru Arai of the 2-star restaurant ' HOMMAGE '. The ingredients are smoked turkey, 5 kinds of mellow cheese sauce (cream cheese, egmont cheese, emmental cheese, camembert cheese, mascarpone cheese), smoked bacon, onion, paprika, tomato sauce.

When you eat it, the smoked turkey is moderately chewy and soft, and the smoked flavor is not too strong and not too weak. The tomato sauce has almost no sourness and tastes like minced meat sauce. It was topped with plenty of cheese, so the overall taste was milder than it looked.


let 's try the 'combination of grilled steak and garlic' devised by Chef Seiichi Honda of the 2-star restaurant ' ZURRIOLA '. The ingredients are very simple, only grilled steak, garlic, spinach, and tomato sauce.

The taste is the simplest of the four, and it is a simple and delicious pizza delivery standard 'Gatsuri & Kotteri'. The other three pizzas aren't too thick and not too savory, so if you want to eat a lot, it's definitely like 'a combination of grilled steak and garlic.'

In addition, '

Roast chicken and Hokkaido Camembert ' ' Puri Puri shrimp and fluffy Omar sauce ' ' Smoked shrimp and 5 kinds of mellow cheese sauce ' ' Direct fire grilled steak and garlic ' devised by each chef in 'Superb quattro supervised by chef with stars' Can also be ordered individually.

Domino's Pizza has released the secret story of the development of 'Superb Quattro supervised by a chef with a star' as a TVCM, and you can know the particulars of each pizza.

Domino's Pizza l TVCM Supervised by a star chef Superb quattro development secret story --YouTube

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