Domino's Pizza 'Christmas Luxury Quattro' tasting review where you can enjoy pork, beef, chicken and seafood with special ingredients

For a limited time until January 10, 2022, you can enjoy the Christmas mood of 'smoked chicken & basil sauce, ' ' shrimp and scallop migrating crab sauce, ' ' Italian juicy roast pork, ' and ' bincho charcoal-grilled roast beef.' Seed pizza is here. In addition, 'Christmas Luxury Quattro ' where you can enjoy 4 kinds of pizza at the same time has also appeared, so I actually ate a luxurious Christmas-like pizza and checked the taste.

Christmas Luxury Quattro | Domino's Pizza

'Christmas Luxury Quartro' is available in M size with a diameter of about 23 cm, R size with a diameter of about 28 cm, and L size with a diameter of about 33 cm. This time I ordered L size by delivery. You can also choose the type of dough for Domino's Pizza, but this time we are ordering with the standard 'hand toss'.

When you open the lid, 'Smoked chicken & basil sauce', 'Shrimp and scallop roasted crab sauce', 'Italian juicy roast pork' and 'Bincho charcoal grilled roast beef' are arranged clockwise from the left front.

So, let's eat one by one and check the taste.

◆ Smoked chicken & basil sauce
Cheese and basil sauce are sprinkled on the dough of 'smoked chicken & basil sauce', and smoked chicken, paprika and asparagus are topped on it.

When you try it, the smoked chicken flavor spreads in your mouth, and at the same time, you can fully feel the umami of the chicken. The taste of basil sauce and cheese is modest, and the pizza is finished with the aroma and taste of smoked chicken. It is also good that the crispy texture of asparagus is an accent.

◆ Shrimp and scallop migration crab sauce
The 'Shrimp and Scallop Migratory Crab Sauce' is topped with 3 large shrimp and 3 scallops. You can also see the orange migratory crab sauce.

Shrimp and scallops have a crispy texture, and both have a strong presence. The mousse sauce of migratory crab has a light 'crab flavor', but it makes the whole pizza taste like seafood. Paprika is also topped, but the texture and taste are weak, and the main taste is seafood. It was a pizza where you can enjoy seafood to your satisfaction with sauce and large shrimp and scallops.

◆ Italian juicy roast pork
'Italian juicy roast pork' is topped with paprika and spinach in addition to roast pork.

Looking at the roast pork from the side and checking the thickness, it looks like this.

When I try to eat it, the roast pork is soft enough to be cut with my teeth, and when I chew it, the gravy overflows in my mouth. Roast pork is seasoned with herbs, and I enjoyed the feeling of eating 'unusual pizza' that the refreshing flavor of herbs remains in the mouth after swallowing. However, the taste of herbs is strong, so if you are not good at seasoning herbs such as rosemary, we recommend another pizza.

◆ Bincho charcoal grilled roast beef
If you look at 'Binchotan Charcoal Grilled Roast Beef' from above, you can see that roast beef, tomatoes, and spinach are topped and the sauce is sprinkled on top. This sauce is a

gravy sauce .

When you try it, the roast beef is thin and chewy, and you can get the satisfaction of chewing the meat. The gravy sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce such as 'Western-style teriyaki sauce', and a generous amount of gravy sauce makes the pizza sweet overall. When you eat the tomato-topped part, the tomato pops in your mouth, so it was a pizza that you can enjoy the difference in texture depending on the part. However, although it was named 'Binchotan Charcoal Grill', I could hardly feel the scent of charcoal grill.

When I actually tried 'Christmas Luxury Quattro', I enjoyed a completely different pizza using different ingredients such as chicken, pork, beef and seafood. Each pizza, such as smoked, herbs, and migratory crab sauce, uses ingredients with a special feeling that are different from usual, so if you eat it at a Christmas party, it will make you feel excited.

'Christmas Luxury Quattro' will be available for a limited time from November 29, 2021 to January 10, 2022. For take-out, M size is 1500 yen including tax, R size is 1799 yen including tax, L size is 2100 yen, and for delivery, M size is 3000 yen including tax, R size is 3599 yen including tax, and L size is 4200 yen. You can also order the 'Smoked Chicken & Basil Sauce', 'Shrimp and Scalloped Crab Sauce', 'Italian Juicy Roast Pork', and 'Binchotan Charcoal Grilled Roast Beef' included in the 'Christmas Luxury Quattro' separately.

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